A Guide To Disabled Parking In Mississippi

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Getting a disabled parking permit can be the difference between being able to complete tasks and run errands alone or needing someone to help you. The rules for how to apply for and use a permit differ from state to state, but the important role they play doesn’t. Here’s a complete guide to disabled parking in Mississippi to help you get the info you need.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For A Disabled Parking Permit in Mississippi?

In order to qualify for a disabled parking permit in Mississippi, there are certain conditions you must meet, which are clearly laid out on the application. You must fit into one of the following categories:

  • Cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest;
  • Cannot walk without the use of an assistive device;
  • Is restricted by lung disease to such an extent that the person’s forced expiratory volume for one (1) second, when measured by spirometry, is less than one (1) liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty (60) mm/hg on room air at rest;
  • Uses portable oxygen;
  • Has a cardiac condition to the extent that the person’s functional limitations are classified in severity as class iii or class iv according to standards set by the American heart association;
  • Is severely limited in his/her ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.
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Image by David Pisnoy on Unsplash: There are many conditions that could qualify you for a Mississippi handicap parking permit.

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Mississippi

In order to get a Mississippi disabled parking permit, you must submit a Mississippi Disabled Parking Application (Form 76-104) to the county tax collector’s office. The form is divided into sections for you, administration, and a medical practitioner.

In order to find out if you are eligible before submitting the application, you can carry out a HIPAA compliant consultation online with Dr Handicap, which gives patients access to doctors from the comfort of their homes. When submitting the Mississippi Disabled Parking Application, the certification section must be completed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner, who will verify that you fulfil the above requirements. This is often done in person or, for those with low mobility or who aren’t registered with a doctor, is sometimes possible using a telemedical practice.

The permit itself is free of charge, but there are varying charges for registering license plates. An exception to this is if you are a disabled veteran, in which case you must have a medical certification from the Veteran’s Affair Board to confirm the disability is 100% service-related in order to receive a Disabled Veterans license plate.

The Rules and Rights of a Mississippi Disabled Parking Permit

So, what are the rules and rights that a Mississippi handicap parking permit entitles you to? First, the placard must be hung on the rearview mirror whenever the car is parked in a disabled parking space; failing that, it must be clearly displayed on the dashboard. However, the permit must be removed whenever the car is in motion.

You do not have to be the driver of the car in order to use your permit for disabled parking in Mississippi, but you must be in the car, and lending your permit to anyone else (whether they are disabled or not) can result in serious fines. You may park anywhere you see the International Symbol of Access, but this does not mean everywhere – places marked “no parking anytime” are still out of bounds, as are loading zones, bus zones, etc.

As with any state-issued permit, your Mississippi disabled parking permit is valid anywhere within the United States. The specific rules for its usage, however, may vary, so read up on state rules before leaving on a trip.

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Image by Josh Newton on Unsplash: Red curb parking rules for handicap parking permit holders may differ from place to place.

Do You Need To Renew A Disabled Parking Permit In Mississippi?

Once you have been granted your Mississippi handicap parking permit, you will have to renew any temporary placards after six months and permanent ones after five years. Depending on what you’re entitled to, you will receive one of several permits:

  • Permanent disability plate (renew after five years)
  • Temporary disability placard (renew after six months)
  • Permanent disability placard (renew after five years)
  • Disabled Veterans license plate (renew after five years)

While all permits can be renewed, the “renewal” of temporary placards involves resubmitting the full Mississippi Disabled Parking Application (Form 76-104).

If your permit is lost or stolen, you should contact your local tax collector office for information on the next steps needed. The process will often require the submission of an affidavit swearing to the theft or loss of the permit.

Many residents may not even realize they are eligible for a disabled parking permit in Mississippi, but it can make your life so much easier if you suffer from any one of the qualifying conditions. The ability to talk with a qualified medical professional about eligibility and your specific case via video chat now makes the whole process even easier, especially for those with restricted mobility.

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