Colorado Handicap Parking Placards

People with disabilities have several different options when it comes to applying for a disabled parking pass in Colorado. We can help determine if you qualify for a Colorado handicap parking application. Whether you have a disability expecting to last just a few months or forever, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will issue exactly what you need, including:

  • Temporary short-term placards for disabilities lasting up to 90 days
  • Temporary long-term placards for disabilities expected for up to 30 months
  • Extended long-term placards for disabilities expected for more than 30 months
  • Permanent long-term placards for disabilities that will never change
  • Disability license plates for anyone with long-term disabilities
  • License plates for disabled veterans

Applicants with a verified disability shouldn’t have any problem getting a handicap placard in Colorado.



Anyone who parks in a designated handicap parking spot without the appropriate handicap sticker, placard or license is subject to a fine. People who abuse handicap parking privileges by using a handicap placard when they aren’t disabled may have to deal with consequences, such as:

  • Up to $1,000 fine for a Class 1 Misdemeanor
  • Up to $500,000 fine for a Class 4 Felony

These laws are taken very seriously in the state of Colorado, so people are encouraged to report any handicap parking abuse to the Colorado Motor Vehicle Office if they suspect it.

If you have a verified disability and a handicap placard, be sure to hang it from your rearview mirror when parked, but remove it when the vehicle is put in motion.


Parking Pass Requirements

Eligible applicants will have to meet the following requirements to obtain a disabled parking pass in Colorado:

  • Limited walking mobility as a result of a neurological, orthopedic or arthritic condition
  • Restricted by a specific lung disease
  • Can’t walk for more than 200 feet without resting
  • Requires portable oxygen
  • Has a specific cardiac condition limiting mobility
  • Requires an assistive device like a cane, wheelchair, brace or crutch
  • And others

If you are a disabled veteran, you may be eligible for a Colorado Disabled Veteran Handicap Plate. Your disability must be at least 50% service-connected and verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This verification must be submitted with the application in order to be considered.


How to Apply

Applying for a disabled parking pass in Colorado is straightforward. Applicants can apply either in person at a Colorado DMV office or send in their Colorado handicap parking application by mail. You will need:

  • A completed Parking Privileges Application (Form DR 2219), which can be downloaded online or filled out at a Colorado DMV office
  • Medical certification by a physician for your disabilities
  • Payment if you are applying for handicap license plates (placards are free)

To apply for a disabled veteran license plate, you must:

  • Complete the Military License Plate Application (Form DR 2002)
  • A verification statement from the Department of Veterans Affairs for your disability
  • A copy of your vehicle title to show proof of ownership

We have an affiliation with qualified physicians in every state to help you determine your eligibility for a disabled parking pass. If you believe you qualify, be sure to contact us so we can help you obtain your Colorado handicap placard. Click here now to obtain certification for your disability with help from a licensed Colorado physician.

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