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florida road and skyline at night

How Do I Renew My Handicap Parking Permit In Florida?

Florida’s disabled parking infrastructure makes the Sunshine State accessible to disabled residents and visitors. Florida’s handicap parking program is well-run and easy to navigate. In order to get the most value from the Florida disabled parking program and your handicap parking permit, it is important to fully understand Florida disabled parking rules. When everybody understands […]

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disabled parking spots with blue lines

Do Handicap Spots Have To Have Blue Lines?

Accessible parking is vital to many people, especially those with a disability that impacts mobility. If you’re new to the world of accessible parking, then you may have a lot of questions. “Do handicap spots have to have blue lines?” is just one of the many things that are important to know for those who […]

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dallas texas cityscape

Who Can Park In Handicap Parking In Texas?

The Texas disabled parking program exists to equal the playing field and make the lives of disabled people easier. All jurisdictions in the Lone Star State are well-equipped with ADA-compliant disabled parking infrastructure. The Texas disabled parking rules are firm but fair, and this enables the program to run smoothly. Accessible Parking In Texas The […]

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handicap parking sign

5 Handicap Parking Sign Requirements

Prior to the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, Americans with disabilities had a lot more issues when it came to finding accessible parking. The ADA was designed to ensure that all Americans with disabilities were given equal rights in all areas of their lives, including parking. Accessibility is a vital component […]

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street in san juan puerto rico

Can I Use My Handicap Placard In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a tropical island located in the Caribbean. It is a popular tourist destination for Americans thanks to its warm, sunny weather, sandy beaches, and stunning mountains, waterfalls, and rainforests. Puerto Rico is a US territory, which means it is under the jurisdiction of the United States government. But are Puerto Rico’s disabled […]

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