Everything To Know About Handicap Parking in Florida

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Are you a Florida resident with a disability? Or are you a disabled parking placard holder from another state or country who is planning to visit Florida? Like most U.S. states, Florida has a few unique aspects to its disabled parking scheme. Here is everything you need to know about handicap parking in Florida.

Who Is Eligible?

A person qualifies for disabled parking in Florida if they suffer from a heart condition, lung disease, arthritis, any neurological or orthopedic problem, have poor eyesight, require the use of a wheelchair, crutches or cane, or cannot walk 200 feet without needing to pause for rest.

Temporary disabled placards are also available in Florida. These are for people with temporary disabilities or mobility issues, such as people recovering from an operation, or people with temporary injuries or illnesses.

If a person is severely disabled and therefore unable to get a Florida driver’s license, this needs to be stated by a medical professional on their application form, and then they can apply for a disabled parking permit that can be used by any vehicle in which they travel.

Disabled people and organizations that transport people with disabilities are entitled to apply for disabled parking placards and plates in Florida.

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Types of Florida Handicap Parking Permits

Like most other states, Florida has several types of disabled parking permit. Permanent handicap placards and plates can be acquired for people who are permanently disabled. These need to be renewed every four years. If the permanent placard or plate is owned by an individual, it expires on the owner’s birthday. If it is owned by an organization, it needs to be renewed by June 30th of the fourth year.

Temporary placards are available in Florida, and these are valid for six months.

Disabled Veterans plates are also available to any military veteran whose disability is at least 50% related to their military service. This needs to be verified by the Veterans Administration.

A Florida Handicap Parking Permit Entitles Its Owner To….

With a Florida disabled parking placard or plate, or a Disabled Veterans plate, a person can utilize any handicap parking in Florida. They can also park in any metered parking space for free (although there is a four-hour limit to this; however, local jurisdictions can choose to waive this four-hour limit).

Certain venues are entitled to charge disabled placard users for parking at their discretion. These venues include government lots that are used for entertainment, sports stadiums, auditoriums, cruise port terminals, and convention centers. Private airports that own or lease their parking facilities may also charge a disabled placard holder for parking.

A handicap placard does not entitle a person to park in striped areas adjacent to disabled parking spaces, zones reserved from emergency vehicles and buses, or any area labeled “no parking”.

How To Apply

How to get a handicap sticker in Florida. You need to apply for your handicap placard in person at a local county tax collector’s office. Firstly, download application form HSMV 83039 and have it signed by a medical professional (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, osteopath, podiatrist, chiropractor, or optometrist). Your consultation with a medical professional can be done in person or using telemedicine. Next, go to your local office and submit the application form, along with a copy of your driver’s license or ID (or a doctor’s note stating that you cannot go to a driver’s license office for a driver’s license or ID), and any required payment (permanent placards are free, temporary placards are $15.00). You can post your application only if it is a re-application.

If you are visiting Florida from another U.S. state, you can use your out-of-state disabled placard in Florida. It is not possible to use an international handicap placard for disabled parking in Florida. If you are visiting from another country, you will need to apply for a temporary (visitor status) U.S. disabled parking placard from the tax collector’s office nearest to where you are staying. You will need to bring a copy of your current foreign parking permit, identification (such as a passport), and a $15.00 fee. This temporary placard will be valid for up to six months.

Permanent placards expire after four years, and temporary placards expire after six months. To reapply for either type of permit, you will need to submit (in person or by mail) a new application form HSMV 83039 signed by a medical professional, a form of ID, and any appropriate fee to your local tax collector’s office.