13 Easiest Cars To Get In And Out Of For Disabled Drivers

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Things that many people take for granted, such as getting in and out of their cars, can be a challenging feat for disabled drivers. But some cars offer up a better way to enter or exit, giving disabled drivers access to a comfortable and safe driving experience. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the easiest cars to get in and out of for disabled drivers.

What is the easiest vehicle to get in and out of?

Choosing the easiest vehicle to get in and out of doesn’t necessarily come down to a specific brand or model. However, when it comes to accessibility, the SUV tends to reign supreme, according to internet polls. Sedans and other smaller vehicles can also provide great access when it comes to exiting and entering, but the SUV often make things a lot easier due to being higher off the ground. It gives disabled drivers the ability to step up into their vehicle as opposed to sitting down into it.

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Image by JD Weiher on Unsplash: What is the best car for disabled driver access?

What is the most trouble-free car?

All drivers want a reliable vehicle, but choosing one can be a challenge for disabled drivers who have limited mobility and find it hard to get in and out of typically sized cars. As mentioned above, many people believe the best type of car for someone with a mobility disability is a SUV because of its position. But what’s the best SUV for seniors or disabled drivers to get in and out of?

According to reports, three SUVs have the lowest number of complaints against them: the Subaru Forester, the Lexus RX, and the Toyota Rav 4. These vehicles make getting in and out of the car easy, all while providing peace of mind and a good driving experience.

Cars for disabled drivers

Even though the SUV is a great option for those with mobility issues, it’s not the only type of car that is easy to get in and out of. Some people may not want to drive an SUV, so it’s good to know what other options are out there.

The following list is a mix and match of cars for disabled drivers to find their way comfortably and safely onto the road.

  1. Hyundai Sonata: This car provides plenty of room to get in and out with ease.
  2. Volkswagen Passat: Since there is a lot of front and back room, getting out of the Passat is easier for disabled drivers.
  3. Chrysler 300: This specific model is the optimal size for those who have trouble with mobility.
  4. Toyota Camry: This mid-size car is roomy enough to get in and out of, but doesn’t break the bank.
  5. Dodge Charger: The Charger is a full-size vehicle that provides ample room to get in and out with ease.
  6. Infinity Q70: This mid-size luxury vehicle provides lots of leg and head room so that anyone with limited mobility can get in and out with no trouble at all.
  7. Lexus RX: Another luxury vehicle, this time full-size, the Lexus RX offers a roomy and comfortable interior that makes car trips easy and worry-free.
  8. Subaru Forester: This easily modifiable car is high enough off the ground that getting in and out is easy for those who have issues with bending and sitting in cars that are lower to the pavement.
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Image by Jessica Furtney on Unsplash: What is the most trouble-free car?
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: Like the Forester, the Grand Cherokee is high off the ground and also comes with the ability to be modified to disabled drivers’ needs.
  • Chevrolet Silverado: For those who use a wheelchair, the Silverado comes with its own wheelchair lift and hinged doors for getting in and out easily.
  • Kia Soul: The Kia Soul has big doors and low floors that make entering and exiting a breeze for anyone.
  • MV-1: This car is one of the first to be built with accessibility in mind. It has its own power ramp and a spacious interior.
  • Honda Odyssey: The Odyssey provides drivers with a lot of head and leg room, low floors, and sizable doors that can slide for extra ease of entry and exit.

For those with disabilities, getting in and out of a vehicle doesn’t need to be stressful or uncomfortable. The best way to ensure a good driving experience is by choosing the right vehicle.

Featured image by Tabea Damm on Unsplash

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