Handicap Paring Permits in Missouri

Missouri residents who have a disability can apply for a handicap car decal as long as they fill out an application and have a medical certification by a licensed physician. The types of handicap car signs you can receive are:

  • Permanent handicap placards
  • Temporary handicap placards
  • Permanent handicap license plates
  • Disabled veteran license plates

These handicap permits in Missouri are issued by the Department of Revenue and can be applied for in person or by mail. 



When you receive your handicap car sign, you must have it visible from your rearview mirror when parking in a designated handicap spot. Failure to display the handicap car sign could result in a fine or citation, even if you have a verified disability. However, when the car is in motion, the placard must be taken down from the rearview mirror.

Anyone who witnesses a person parked in a handicap parking space, but is clearly not disabled, should report the abuser immediately. Violators could be subject to significant fines and possibly have their handicap placard revoked.


Parking Pass Requirements

You must meet specific requirements to attain a handicap parking placard in Missouri, including: 

  • Having a disability preventing you from walking more than 50 feet without resting
  • Not being able to walk without the assistance of a cane, crutch, brace, wheelchair or other device
  • Requiring the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Having a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the standards of the American Heart Association
  • Being restricted by a severe respiratory condition
  • Being legally blind
  • And others

Disabled veterans must fill out a separate application and have a letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs certifying the disability is service-connected. The letter must be dated within six months of the application and the medical certification must be dated within 90 days of submitting the application.


How to Apply

Applying for a handicap permit in Missouri involves: 

  • Completing an Application for Disabled Person Placard (Form 2769)
  • Having a licensed physician, advance practice registered nurse, chiropractor, physician’s assistant, podiatrist or optometrist complete the Physician’s Statement for Disabled License Plates or Placards (Form 1776)
  • Paying applicable fees (temporary placards are $2; permanent placards are free; license plates are paid for with the vehicle registration)

Click here to apply online for certification for your disability with the help of a licensed Missouri physician.


Other Information

Both handicap placards and license plates in Missouri have expiration dates. The dates are as follows:

  • Permanent placards are valid for four years
  • Temporary placards are valid for up to 180 days, depending on the medical certification
  • License plates are valid for four years, but must be renewed with your vehicle registration

Temporary placards can be renewed once for another 180 days by submitting a new application, medical certification and the $2 fee. Permanent placards and license plates can be renewed by filling out the renewal notice you receive via mail, and also submitting a new medical certification.

If you live in Missouri and have a disability, be sure to contact us for an evaluation. We have licensed physicians in every state ready to help you determine whether you qualify for any type of handicap car sign.

If you think you may qualify for a handicap permit in Missouri, feel free to contact us. We have licensed physicians on standby in every state to evaluate your disability and determine whether you qualify.

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