Is There a Specific Driving Test for Learning Disabilities

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When working to obtain a driver’s license, half the battle is understanding where your particular challenges may lie. If you have a learning disability, such as dyslexia, then taking the written portion of a driving test can be a source of anxiety and stress.

But don’t worry! There are reasonable accommodations the DMV makes available for those with learning disabilities when it comes to obtaining a driver’s license. If you have a learning disability, here’s what you need to know to help set you up for success.

Is There A Driving Test For People With A Learning Disability?

The specific driving test you need to take in order to accommodate your learning disability depends on the disability and the place you live. However, there are reasonable accommodations DMVs make available that you can call ahead of time to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to request. These include:

Extra time

If you need more time than what is given as standard, you can request this accommodation ahead of time.

Spoken test

Some places have computers available that can use a voiceover through a headset to read the test to you aloud. This may not be something you need to schedule ahead of time, but you may want to call to ask if this is an option.

Oral Language Modification

The Oral Language Modification (OLM) test is for those who have severe learning disabilities that may hamper their understanding of the language used in the test. During this test, a reader is allowed to explain or reword questions to make them easier to understand by the test-taker.

One to one reader

A person may be able to sit with you during the test on a computer to read the screen for you word for word and then record your answers, but they are not permitted to explain the meaning of the words as they are on the OLM test.

Separate/private room

If you need a room removed from the normally large test-taking areas, you may be able to request one as an accommodation.

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Image by John Schnobrich on Unsplash: What learning disabilities can you drive with? As long as you can pass the test, then no learning disability should hold you back from getting behind the wheel.

Explore the Details: Driving Test for Learning Disabilities

In order to understand what accommodation you may need if you have a learning disability, it’s a good idea to first understand what the test will entail. DMVs usually have study materials and booklets available both in person and online for you to study from. These cover material that is on the test and what you are expected to know.

This will help you to understand what material is to be tested and how you can make a plan to successfully take the test with your learning disability.

Driver’s Education For People With Learning Disabilities

For those with learning disabilities, driver’s education may not be easy. There are often in-class readings and sample tests that can be a struggle for those who may need accommodations for test taking. Add in performance anxiety, peer pressure, and the group setting in which these classes are held, and you may have a recipe for a difficult time.

That’s why it’s important to seek out a driver’s education program that fits the needs of the student. There are online classes that can allow the student to work at their own pace and take their time digesting the large amount of material needed.

If online classes aren’t an option, another solution is to find printed books that have the same content. You may want to contact the local DMV to see if they have material available or if they can recommend a place to get printed materials.

Beware that not all online driver’s education courses are created equal, however. There are many choices, and it’s not always obvious how they differ from one another. Shop around before enrolling to ensure you’re finding the right program for learning disabilities that have an impact on how information is digested.

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Image by Dogukan Sahin on Unsplash: When it comes to driving with a learning disability or taking a handicapped drivers test, it can be stressful. But understanding what to expect will help with the battle.

Do You Need Documentation For A Learning Disability?

Modifications and accommodations for the driving test are available, but you should call ahead to find out what, if any, documentation may be needed for someone with a learning disability. Also, find out if an appointment to take the modified test is required and how to arrange the needed modifications.

Plan ahead to ensure you know what to expect from your driver’s test, no matter whether you have a learning disability or a physical disability. For someone with a learning disability, a permit test may be provided with accommodations. That will help you to succeed!

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