Iowa Handicap Parking Permits

Iowa residents with qualifying disabilities are eligible to receive a handicap sign for the car. These handicap permits are available in different forms from the Iowa Department of Transportation, including:

  • Permanent handicap placards (no expiration date)
  • Temporary handicap placards (expires after six months)
  • Permanent handicap license plates and stickers (valid for one year with self-certification, and as long as vehicle registration is current)
  • Placards for organizations helping to transport disabled people

Anyone who believe they may qualify for one of these Iowa handicap permits will need certification by a licensed physician, chiropractor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner for their disability.



Iowa law requires people to keep their vehicle’s handicap decal clearly visible when parking in a handicap spot. Failure to display the proper handicap parking placard, license plate or sticker could result in a fine up to $200.

Alternatively, if you do not renew your placard, license plate or sticker, but still continue to use it, you could face fines up to $200. Applicants who provide false information on their application could be subject to a $300 fine and have their disabled parking privileges revoked.


Parking Pass Requirement

Disabled people who qualify for a handicap parking permit in Iowa will have the following conditions:

  • Inability to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
  • Restrictions from a specific lung disease
  • Requiring a wheelchair, crutch, cane, brace or other device for mobility
  • A specific Class III or Class IV cardiac condition
  • Limited mobility due to an orthopedic, arthritic or neurological condition
  • Requiring the use of portable oxygen

Disabled veterans who are residents of Iowa can also receive handicap license plates if they have been provided a vehicle by the United States government. The certification document must be submitted to the County Treasurer’s Office where the vehicle was registered.


How to Apply

The Iowa Department of Transportation allows residents to apply for a handicap parking permit either in person or by mail. To complete the application process, you must:

  • Fill out the Application for Persons With Disabilities Parking Permit for Iowa Residents (Form 411055)
  • Have a medical certification from a licensed physician, stating you have a qualifying disability and whether the disability is temporary or permanent.
  • Submit the appropriate fee for personalized license plates and vehicle registration (placards are free of charge)

Click here to start the application process for your disability certification with a qualified Iowan physician.


Other Information

If your temporary handicap parking placard expires after the six-month timeframe, but you believe you still need it, you must apply for a new placard with a new medical certification.

Permanent placards don’t need to be renewed since they have no expiration date. If you have a disability sticker or license plate, you must renew them annually with your vehicle registration.

It’s also important to note that visitors can use their home state’s handicap parking placard in Iowa but must comply with Iowa’s handicap parking rules and regulations.

Iowa residents who believe they may qualify for a handicap parking placard or license plate should contact us right away. We have licensed physicians in every state who can evaluate your disability to determine your eligibility.

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