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If you’re a resident of Wisconsin and have a disability, you may be eligible to receive a Wisconsin handicap parking permit from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles. The types of permits offered to disabled residents include:

  • Permanent handicap placards
  • Temporary handicap placards
  • Disability license plates

Visitors to Wisconsin can use the handicap placard from their home state, but they must follow the handicap parking laws specific to Wisconsin.



Anyone who sells or authorizes someone else to use their handicap permit could face fines up to $300 and the permit could be confiscated. Providing false information, reproducing or duplicating a handicap placard could also lead to fines of up to $500.

When the vehicle is parked in a handicap spot, the handicap permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror. However, it must be removed when the vehicle is put into motion. Failure to do so could lead to a fine of up to $100.


Parking Pass Requirements

You must be authorized by a medical professional to have a certain disability in order to receive a Wisconsin disabled parking permit. Some of those qualifying disabilities include:

  • Not being able to walk without using a brace, cane, crutch, wheelchair, prosthetic device or other assistive device
  • Not being able to walk 200 feet without resting
  • Requiring the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Being restricted in mobility by a severe lung disease
  • Limited mobility as a result of a neurological, orthopedic or arthritic condition
  • Having a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the American Heart Association standards


How to Apply

Applying for a handicap parking permit in Wisconsin is as simple as filling out the appropriate handicap parking application. The steps involve:

  • Completing the Permanent Disabled Parking Identification Permit Application (Form MV2548) (for permanent disabilities)
  • Completing the Temporary Disabled Parking Identification Permit Application (Form MV2933) (for temporary disabilities)
  • Completing the Disabled Parking License Plates Application (Form MV2162) (for disability license plates)
  • Having the medical eligibility section completed by one of the following healthcare professionals:
    • Licensed physician
    • Advanced practice nurse
    • Podiatrist
    • Chiropractor
    • Physician assistant
    • Public health nurse
    • Christian Science Practitioner
  • Paying the applicable fees (permanent placards are free; temporary placards are $6; fees vary for license plates)

Please click here for more information on how to get your online medical certification from a licensed physician in Wisconsin.


Other Information

Temporary handicap placards are valid for up to six months, depending on your disability. If you need to extend the validity of the placard, you will have to fill out a new application form with a new medical certification.

Permanent handicap placards are valid for up to four years and also required a new Wisconsin handicap parking permit application and medical certification to be filled out in order to renew.

If you believe you may qualify to receive a handicap parking permit in Wisconsin for your disability, be sure to contact us right away. We have licensed physicians available in every state to evaluate you and determine your qualifications.

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