Apply for Handicap Parking in Nebraska

People with disabilities in Nebraska are entitled to a handicap parking permit if they meet the qualifications. The different types of permits issued by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles include:

  • Permanent disability license plates (valid for six years and renewed every year with the vehicle registration)
  • Permanent disability placards (valid for six years)
  • Temporary disability placards (valid for up to six months)

If you are visiting Nebraska from another state and have a handicap parking pass, you can use it as long as you follow the parking laws of Nebraska.



Your handicap parking permit entitles you to park in designated spots for people with disabilities. However, the permit does not entitle you to park in spaces specifically stating “no parking.”

When you are parked in a handicap parking spot, you must clearly display your placard from the rearview mirror. Anyone who does not do so could be subject to fines for violating handicap parking laws. You must also remove the placard as soon as the vehicle is in motion.


Parking Pass Requirements

There are several requirements applicants must meet in order to qualify for a handicap parking permit in Nebraska. Those requirements include:

  • Not being able to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
  • Needing the assistance from a walker, crutch, wheelchair or other assistive device for mobility
  • Having a severe physical or visual impairment
  • Having a severe respiratory issue
  • Suffering from a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition
  • Substantial or complete loss of use of one or more limbs


How to Apply

Nebraska residents must go online to the Department of Motor Vehicles website in order to apply for a handicap parking permit. The application process involves:

  • Filling out the Application for Handicapped Parking Permit online
  • Having your licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner fill out the medical certification section of the application online
  • Providing a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport or birth certificate)
  • Paying applicable fees (license plates require standard vehicle registration fees; placards are free)

Click here to apply online for your disability certification with a qualified physician from Nebraska.


Other Information

Renewing your handicap parking placard or license plate is just as easy as filling out the initial application. For renewals:

  • Temporary placards can be renewed any time during the month it expires.
  • Permanent placards can be renewed 180 days prior to its expiration date.
  • License plate renewals are completed by re-submitting the license plate application

Every type of renewal requires a new medical certification, even if the disability is permanent. This differs from many states, so it is important to include the new medical certification to prevent any issues from arising during the renewal process.

However, if you are replacing a lost, damaged or stolen handicap parking placard, you do not need a new medical certification for the first two replacements. The replacement can be requested online through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Qualifying for a handicap parking pass in Nebraska can be tricky. We have a licensed physician in every state who can determine your condition to ensure you qualify for a handicap parking pass before you apply. Be sure to contact us for an evaluation and to start taking advantage of your handicap parking privileges.

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