Idaho Handicap Parking Permits

The Division of Motor Vehicles issues handicap parking permits in Idaho to people with disabilities who apply for a permit. There are a few different types of handicap permits eligible applicants can receive, including:

  • Permanent disability placards (valid for greater than six months)
  • Temporary disability placards (valid for less than six months)
  • Permanent disability license plates (must be renewed before the expiration date listed on the plate)

There are several laws and requirements governing who is eligible to receive a disabled parking badge. You can receive a recommendation for your handicap parking pass from a licensed physician, a licensed physician’s assistant, or a licensed advanced-practice professional nurse.



People who have a handicap placard or license plate must follow certain handicap parking rules in Idaho. The perks of having a disabled parking badge include:

  • Being able to park in handicap parking spots or areas
  • Having no time limits in a parking spot, even if the spot indicates a time limit

Of course, you must also use the Idaho handicap placard issued specifically to you and it must be clearly visible in your vehicle. If you have not been issued a disabled parking badge, you cannot use someone else’s to take advantage of handicap parking. Misuse of any type of handicap stickers could result in a fine of up to $100. Anyone who witnesses misuse of handicap privileges is encouraged to inform local law enforcement immediately.


Parking Pass Requirements

Many of the requirements for receiving an Idaho disability placard or license plate are similar to other states. Those requirements include:

  • No function or absence in one or more limbs
  • Missing one or more limbs completely
  • Inability to walk 200 feet without rest
  • Impaired mobility as a result of respiratory, arthritic, cardiac, orthopedic or neurologic conditions
  • Permanent blindness
  • Inability to walk without the assistance of a cane, wheelchair, brace or other device

Disabled veterans can also apply for handicap license plates, as long as their disability is 100% service-connected and verified by the Veteran’s Administration Regional Office in Boise, Idaho.


How to Apply

Applying for a handicap parking permit in Idaho is straightforward. You must submit your application either by mail or fax, and you’ll need the following documents to complete your submission:

  • A completed Disability License Plates and Placards (Form ITD 3392)
  • Medical certification completed on the form by a licensed physician
  • Any applicable payment (license plates are $25; both temporary and permanent placards are free)

Click here to start applying for your disability certification today with the help of a qualified doctor from Idaho.


Other Information

Anyone visiting Idaho from another state can use their state-specific handicap placard. The only regulation is you must follow the Idaho parking rules rather than the rules in your home state.

If you need to renew your temporary Idaho handicap placard, you can extend the length by submitting a new application. You may be required to get a new medical certification as well.

Permanent handicap placards may also need to be renewed, but the timeframe varies depending on the disability. Your local Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles can provide you with specific information in this regard. Permanent disability license plates are renewed at the time of your vehicle registration.

If you’re a resident and believe you may qualify for a handicap parking permit in Idaho, be sure to contact us. We have licensed physicians in every state ready to evaluate your eligibility.

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