Handicap Parking in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles provides both permanent and temporary handicap parking permits to residents with disabilities. You may hear these permits being referred to as “Walking Disability Privileges,” since that is the name the state of New Hampshire uses. The types of handicap permits in New Hampshire include:

  • Permanent handicap placards (valid for up to five years)
  • Temporary handicap placards (valid for up to six months)
  • Permanent handicap license plates (valid as long as your vehicle registration is current)



Whether you have a handicap placard or license plate, you are entitled to park in any space designated for people with disabilities. You can also park for free in any city, state or town parking areas that normally charge fees. You must, however, display your handicap placard clearly from your rearview mirror in order to comply with the law. Also, be sure to remove the placard from the rearview mirror when the vehicle is in motion to avoid a citation.

It is unlawful to provide your handicap sign to someone else for their use if you will not be in the vehicle with them. You must use the handicap sign issued in your name, or you could face significant fines.


Parking Pass Requirements

There are several requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for a handicap parking permit in New Hampshire. Those requirements include:

  • Having a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition, according to the standards set by the American Heart Association
  • Having severely limited mobility due to a neurological, arthritic, orthopedic or other similar condition
  • Requiring the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Being restricted because of a serious lung disease that affects breathing
  • Not being able to walk without using a cane, brace, crutch, wheelchair or other assistive device


How to Apply

The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles allows residents to apply for a handicap sign by mail or in person. The items you need include:

  • A completed New Hampshire Application for Walking Disability Privileges (Form RDMV130)
  • A medical certification by a licensed physician, podiatrist, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician’s assistant to verify your disability
  • Payment for fees (license plates are $8; placards are $5)

Click here now to apply online and get certification for your disability from a qualified doctor in the state of New Hampshire.


Other Information

Renewing a temporary handicap placard in New Hampshire requires filling out a new application with a new medical certification. Renewing a permanent handicap placard can be done alongside your driver’s license. Handicap license plates can be renewed at the same time as your vehicle registration.

If you happen to lose your placard or license plate, or it gets stolen or damaged, you must send a letter to the New Hampshire DMV explaining exactly what happened to it. You must provide as specific details as possible and the DMV will mail you a replacement.

If you have a disability and live in New Hampshire, be sure to contact us to determine whether you’re eligible for a handicap placard. We have licensed physicians in every state to help determine your eligibility and evaluate your disability.

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