Alaska Handicap Parking Permits

Any driver with a disability in Alaska can apply for a handicap parking permit or a special license plate for parking in designated spaces closer to buildings. You can apply for a handicap parking permit in Alaska at any Division of Motor Vehicles office throughout the state to find out if you qualify. Whether you have a temporary or permanent disability, you can still apply. Just be aware the Alaska handicap placard has an expiration date depending on the type of disability you have. Drivers just need to be aware of the requirements prior to applying for a handicap parking pass to ensure they qualify.



Once you verify you do qualify to receive handicap parking benefits, you need to consider the length of validity of your permit:

  • Temporary license plates and placards are valid for up to six months
  • Permanence license plates and placards are valid for up to five years

When you notice the expiration date of your plate or placard is approaching, you need to renew it by the last day of the month indicated. Handicap parking abuse is a serious offense in Alaska. Anyone who takes advantage of a handicap parking permit when they don’t have a disability could face fines up to $500, as well as losing the privilege of having the permit. This type of abuse can be reported as well for any law enforcement officer to handle.


Parking Pass Requirements

There are many different general requirements for obtaining your handicap parking permit in Alaska. A physician will have to be able to verify your specific disability, which could include any of the following:

  • Limited mobility due to a neurological, arthritic or orthopedic condition
  • Not being able to walk 200 feet or more without help
  • Being restricted due to a lung disease with specific characteristics
  • Having to use a portable oxygen tank
  • Having to use a cane, wheelchair, crutch or other device in order to walk safely
  • Having a specific cardiac condition
  • And more…

Disabled Veteran plates are also available for qualifying residents. The disability must be verified as being at least 50% service-connected by the Veteran’s Administration.


How to Apply

You can apply for your handicap parking pass at any Division of Motor Vehicle locations in Alaska. There are 30+ locations across the state to make it easier for people to apply. If a location is not near you, you can download the Alaska handicap parking permit application online (Form 861), print it and fill it out. It’s not necessary to apply in person, since you can mail the original application in at no fee. Some of the notable pieces of the application process are:

  • You must fill out part one of the application yourself
  • Your physician or nurse practitioner must fill out part two of the application
  • Disabled veterans must complete a similar application and include a certificate stating the disability is service-connected
  • There is no fee for the Alaska handicap placard

For more information about how to apply for a handicap parking permit in Alaska, feel free to contact us at any time for assistance. We have qualified physicians on standby ready to evaluate your disabilities to determine whether you qualify. Click here to start the disability certification process with a licensed Alaska physician.

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