Applying for Handicap Parking in Rhode Island

Disabled residents can apply for a handicap parking permit in Rhode Island to take advantage of parking benefits in their state. The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles issues the following different types of permits:

  • Permanent disability placards (valid for three or more years)
  • Long-term disability placards (valid for one to three years)
  • Temporary placards (valid for up to one year)
  • Disabled veterans placards (valid only with a 100% military-related disability)

Visitors to Rhode Island can use the disability placard from their state, as long as they follow Rhode Island handicap parking laws.



Disabled people who are issued a handicap placard in Rhode Island must display it prominently from their rearview mirror when parking in a designated handicap spot. Failure to do so may result in a fine. Additionally, the placard must be removed when the vehicle is in motion. Failing to do so could also result in a fine.

It is considered a misdemeanor in Rhode Island if an applicant knowingly makes false statements in order to receive a disabled parking pass. The consequences for misrepresenting yourself include up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $1,000.


Parking Pass Requirements

When you fill out your application for a handicap parking permit in Rhode Island, you must confirm you have one of the following disabilities:

  • Not being able to walk without the assistance of a crutch, brace, cane, prosthetic device, wheelchair or another person
  • Requiring a portable oxygen tank
  • Suffering from a severe lung disease affecting breathing
  • Having a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the standards set by the American Heart Association
  • Being legally blind or having a visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the best eye with corrective lenses


How to Apply

The application process for obtaining a disabled parking pass is fairly straightforward. You will need to:

  • Fill out the New/Renewal Disability Parking Placard Application
  • Have the medical certification statement completed by a licensed physician with a Rhode Island medical license

The application must be sent in by mail to the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. It is also important to note the application must be submitted within 30 days of the medical certification statement.

Disabled veterans seeking handicap parking benefits in Rhode Island must follow a similar procedure, but with the following requirements:

  • Complete the Disability Parking Placard for Disabled Rhode Island Veterans application
  • Provide a copy of a letter from the Veteran’s Administration stating your disability is 100% service-related

Please click here for more information on how to get your online medical certification from a licensed physician in Rhode Island.


Other Information

The different types of handicap placards in Rhode Island have different renewal dates. The duration that it is valid is dependent on the date set forth by your licensed physician on the application. You can renew your permanent placard by filling out a renewal form. However, you must complete a new application with a new medical certification if you need a new temporary or long-term handicap placard after it expires.

Our licensed physicians are available in every state to help you determine whether you qualify for a handicap placard. Be sure to contact us for your evaluation and for help with receiving your handicap parking benefits in Rhode Island.

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