Oklahoma Handicap Parking Permit

Residents of Oklahoma who have a disability are eligible to apply for a handicap parking permit. Depending on the type of permit you’re applying for, you will have to apply through one of two separate agencies. The Oklahoma Tax Commission provides:

  • Disability license plates
  • Disabled veteran license plates

While the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety provides:

  • Permanent handicap placards
  • Temporary handicap placards

Anyone visiting Oklahoma from another state can use their disabled parking pass from their home state, as long as they follow the laws set forth in Oklahoma.



When issued an Oklahoma handicap parking permit, you must display it prominently from your rearview mirror when parked in a designated handicap spot. The permit must be removed when the vehicle is in motion.

An Oklahoma handicap placard can be used on any vehicle, but the person whom the placard was issued to must either be the driver or the passenger of the vehicle. In the state of Oklahoma, if a person submits a false application regarding a disability to obtain a handicap placard, they will be found guilty of a misdemeanor and will face a $500 fine.


Parking Pass Requirements

You must have a qualifying condition to receive a handicap parking permit in Oklahoma. The requirements include:

  • Not being able to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
  • Having a lung disease that restricts mobility
  • Requiring the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Requiring the use of a cane, crutch, brace, prosthetic device, wheelchair, another person or any other assistive device to move around
  • Limited mobility due to an orthopedic, neurological or arthritic condition, or pregnancy complications
  • Having functional limitations as a result of a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the American Heart Association standards
  • Being legally blind
  • Missing one or more limbs to impair mobility


How To Get a Handicap Parking Permit in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma requires applicants to apply for a handicap permit by mail. It’s also important to note you must first apply for and receive a permanent placard before you are eligible to apply for a disability license plate. The process for applying for handicap placards involves:

  • Completing the Physical Disability Parking Placard Application (Form DPS 302DC)
  • Having a medical professional complete the medical certification section and signed in the last 60 days by either:
    • A licensed physician
    • An optometrist
    • A physician’s assistant
    • An osteopathic doctor, podiatrist or chiropractor
    • A licensed and certified advanced registered nurse practitioner

If you wish to apply for a disability license plate, you can proceed with the following after receiving your permanent placard:

  • Completing the Physically Disabled License Plate Application (Form 750-C), including the section requiring your placard number and expiration date
  • Including the applicable fee ($3 mailing fee for a single license plate; an additional $13 if you would like an extra license plate)

Please click here for more information on how to get your online medical certification from a licensed physician in Oklahoma.


Other Information

Temporary handicap placards are valid for up to six months, depending on the medical certification provided by your medical professional. Each time you need to renew your temporary handicap placard in Oklahoma, you must complete the application process again.

Permanent handicap placards are valid for up to five years. You will need to contact the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety for more information about how to renew your permanent placard.

Disability license plate renewals involve completing the application form again, along with a $1.50 mailing fee, and renewing your vehicle registration separately.

If you believe you have a disability in Oklahoma that may qualify for a handicap permit, be sure to contact us. We have licensed physicians in every state who are ready to evaluate your condition to determine your qualifications.

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