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Residents with a disability are entitled to apply for a Virginia handicap placard through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Your disability may entitle you to one of the following types of permits:

  • Temporary placard (valid for up to six months)
  • Permanent placard (valid for up to five years)
  • Disability license plate (valid for the duration of your vehicle registration)
  • Disabled veteran license plate (valid for the duration of your vehicle registration)
  • Institutional placard (valid for up to five years)

Visitors to Virginia can use the handicap parking placard from their home state, as long as they follow the specific handicap parking laws for Virginia.



Applicants who receive a Virginia handicap placard must be the only person to use the placard. Misusing, altering or counterfeiting a handicap permit could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months of jail time. All future handicap parking privileges could be revoked as well.

You must display your handicap permit on your rearview mirror when parked in a designated handicap spot. You must also remove the placard prior to putting the vehicle into motion. Failure to take either of these actions could lead to a citation.


Parking Pass Requirements

In order to receive a handicap parking permit in Virginia, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Inability to walk 200 feet without resting
  • Requires the use of a brace, cane, crutch, wheelchair, prosthetic device, another person or other form of assistance
  • Limited mobility due to a neurological, orthopedic or arthritic condition
  • Requires the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Has a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the standards of the American Heart Association
  • Severely limited as a result of lung disease
  • Has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a similar form of dementia
  • Has been diagnosed with a developmental or mental amentia or delay impairing judgment, such as an autism spectrum disorder
  • Being legally deaf or blind


How to Apply

When you apply for a Virginia handicap placard, you can submit your application either via mail or at a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles office. You will need to:

  • Complete the Disabled Parking Placard or License Plates Application (Form MED 10)
  • Have one of the following medical professionals complete the medical certification section:
    • Licensed physician
    • Chiropractor
    • Podiatrist
    • Nurse practitioner
    • Physician assistant
  • Pay the applicable fees (placards are $5; license plates cost normal vehicle registration fees)

Institutions and organizations can apply for a free handicap placard if they regularly transport disabled people. Disabled veterans can also apply for a handicap license plate as long as they have a medical certification and a certification from the Veteran’s Administration stating their disability was related to their service.

Please click here for more information on how to get your online medical certification from a licensed physician in Virginia.


Other Information

If you need to renew your temporary handicap placard, you will need to submit a new application with a new medical certification. Permanent placard renewals can be renewed online, by mail or in person and do not require a new medical certification.

Residents of Virginia who believe they may qualify for a handicap parking placard should contact us right away. We have licensed physicians in every state ready to determine your eligibility for a handicap permit.

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