Hawaii Handicap Placard

The state of Hawaii issues a few different types of handicap parking placards for its residents with disabilities. Applicants can apply for these different placards at the Department of Motor Vehicle offices and city satellite offices throughout the state. The main types of handicap parking permits in Hawaii include:

  • Disability license plates – must have a long-term disability and a vehicle registered in your name
  • Long-term disability placard – for people with disabilities lasting at least six years
  • Temporary disability placard – for people with disabilities not lasting more than six months

Any disability will require medical certification from a physician, so keep that in mind prior to applying for your handicap parking placard.



Anyone in Hawaii parked in a parking spot with a handicap sign for cars must have a handicap parking placard hanging from their rearview mirror. If the placard is not visible, the vehicle owner is subject to fines, imprisonment or having their vehicle towed.

On the other hand, if you happen to see a vehicle with a handicap decal, but the person does not appear to be limited in mobility, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement immediately. Handicap parking privilege abuse is taken very seriously in Hawaii and offenders will be prosecuted.


Parking Pass Requirements

The requirements for obtaining a Hawaii handicap placard are similar to the requirements in other states. Those requirements include:

  • Needing the use of a wheelchair, brace, cane or other assistive device to move
  • Not being able to walk 200 feet without resting
  • Having a severe cardiac condition classified as Class III or Class IV
  • Suffering from a lung disease that limits breathing
  • Needing a portable oxygen tank
  • Having limited mobility because of a vascular, oncologic, renal, neurological, orthopedic or arthritic condition
  • And others

Special Military License Plates are available in Hawaii for disabled veterans. A disabled veteran must be able to provide discharge papers and certification from the Veteran’s Administration regarding their disability.


How to Apply

In the state of Hawaii, you must apply for your handicap parking placard in person at your county’s Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicle office or a city satellite office. You will need:

  • A completed Person with a Disability Parking Permit Application (Form PA 2)
  • Medical certification from a physician as part of the application
  • A valid form of identification
  • Applicable payment for fees (temporary placards are $12; disability license plates are $5.50 plus registration fees; permanent placards are free)

Click here to start the Hawaii handicap placard application process for your disability certification with the help of a licensed Hawaiian doctor.


Other Information

Visitors to Hawaii are welcome to bring their handicap parking placard from their state, since they are recognized and usable in Hawaii.

To renew your temporary handicap parking placard, you must re-apply for a new one, along with a new medical certification from your doctor.

To renew your permanent handicap parking permit in Hawaii, you will receive a notification in the mail prior to its expiration, which you can fill out and return. Your new placard will arrive in the mail shortly afterward.

Your disability license plates will remain valid for as long as you have a valid vehicle registration.

We have licensed physicians in every state, including Hawaii, who are ready to evaluate your condition to determine whether you have a qualifying disability. Be sure to contact us if you think you qualify for a handicap parking placard as a resident of Hawaii.

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