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Applying for Handicap Parking in North Dakota

Residents of North Dakota can apply for a handicap parking permit if they have specific disabilities. The North Dakota Department of Transportation offers the following types of permits:

  • Temporary handicap placards
  • Permanent & reversible handicap placards
  • Permanent & non-reversible handicap placards
  • Disability license plates

You may use your disabled parking pass from another state if you are visiting North Dakota, and you may use your North Dakota permit in any other state. However, you must follow the rules and regulations in the state you are in at any given time.



Applicants who are granted a handicap placard or license plate in North Dakota are given certain parking privileges. If any law enforcement officer sees a person abusing those privileges, the subject could be enforced fines of up to $100. The main form of handicap parking abuse is when a person parks in a spot with a handicap sign and has a handicap placard, but is not disabled.

When you are issued your handicap placard in North Dakota, you must display it prominently on your rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked. You must remove the placard when the vehicle is in motion. Failure to follow these rules could result in a citation.


Parking Pass Requirements

The state of North Dakota has several specific requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for a disabled parking pass. Those requirements include:

  • Having a neurologic, orthopedic or other medical condition preventing the applicant from walking 200 feet without resting
  • Requiring the use of a portable oxygen tank
  • Being restricted in mobility due to a cardiac, pulmonary or vascular disease
  • Having a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition according to the American Heart Association standards and has limited forced expiratory volume


How to Apply

The application process for receiving a disabled parking pass in North Dakota is straightforward. You can apply by mail or in person at a North Dakota Department of Transportation office. You will need to:

  • Complete the Application for Mobility-Impaired Parking Permit (Form SNF 02886)
  • Have the medical certification section completed and signed by one of the following:
    • Licensed physician
    • Physician’s assistant
    • Chiropractor
    • Advanced practice registered nurse
  • Pay the appropriate fees:
    • Permanent placards are free
    • Temporary placards are $3
    • Disabled license plates are $5
  • If you are applying for disabled veterans license plates, you must also provide a certification from the Veteran’s Administration that your disability is 100% service-connected

Please click here for more information on how to get your online medical certification from a licensed physician in North Dakota.


Other Information

All disabled parking passes in North Dakota have limited validity and must be renewed after a certain period of time. Temporary placards are valid for three months and a new application must be filled out to get a new one.

Any type of permanent placard in North Dakota expires in December 2018 and then every three years going forward. For non-reversible disabilities, you do not need a new medical certification. You will need a new medical certification if your disability is reversible.

Disabled license plates in North Dakota are valid with your vehicle registration and are renewed at that time.

We have a licensed physician in every state to help you evaluate your disability. If you’re a resident in North Dakota with a qualifying disability, be sure to contact us for a medical evaluation.

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