Indiana Handicap Parking Permits

Disabled residents are eligible to apply for a license plate or a handicap parking placard in Indiana with a medical certification. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers different types of permits, including:

  • Permanent handicap placard (valid through the date specified by your physician)
  • Temporary handicap placard (valid for no more than six months)
  • Permanent license plate (valid through the expiration date set forth on the license plate)

Even if you are granted a disabled parking badge, there are still specific laws and regulations in Indiana you must follow.



When you have a handicap parking placard in Indiana, you can park anywhere you see the handicap decal on the parking spot. However, if you see an area stating “no parking or standing at any time,” you are not allowed to park there, even with your handicap placard.

Under Indiana law, people who park in designated handicap spots without a handicap parking placard or license plate are considered to be committing a Class C misdemeanor. The privileges of parking in handicap parking spots are taken very seriously in Indiana, so anyone who witnesses an offender of the law should report them immediately.


Parking Pass Requirements

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires people to meet the following qualifications in order to receive a disabled parking badge:

  • Permanent blindness or other visual impairments
  • Limited mobility as a result of an arthritic, pulmonary, neurological, cardiovascular or orthopedic condition
  • Loss of use in one or both legs
  • Reliance on a cane, crutch, brace, wheelchair or other assistive device for mobility

Your parking pass must be recommended by a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse, chiropractor, or podiatrist.

Disabled veterans may also qualify to receive handicap license plates in Indiana. The disability must be at least 50% service-connected, with at least 30% of that being related to a mobility impairment. A letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs verifying the disability is required.


How to Apply

You can apply for your handicap license plate or parking placard in Indiana by mail or in person at any Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. A completed application includes:

  • A filled out Application For Disability Parking Placard Or Disability Plate (Form 42070)
  • Certification from a licensed physician to verify your disability
  • Applicable payment for fees (temporary placards are $5; permanent placards are free; license plates are subject to standard registration fees and taxes)

Disabled veterans applying for a permanent handicap license plate must apply in person at an Indiana BMV branch office. Click here to start applying for your disability certification with a licensed Indiana doctor.


Other Information

If you are granted a permanent handicap parking placard in Indiana, you do not have to renew it unless your physician confirms you no longer have the disability originally stated on the application. Temporary placards must be renewed after six months if you still have the disability. You must go through the same application process to receive a new temporary placard. License plates are valid as long as all vehicle registration fees are paid.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for a disabled parking badge in Indiana, one of our licensed physicians are ready to evaluate you. We have a licensed physician in every state, so contact us today to determine your eligibility.

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