Arizona Handicap Parking Applications

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division issues both handicap license plates and placards to people with verified disabilities. Arizona is also unique because they also offer these plates and placards for people with hearing impairments in order to help other drivers and police officers identify the impairment. Filing an Arizona handicap parking application pass is easy when you have a verified disability.



Handicap parking is strictly enforced in the state of Arizona. Applicants should be aware of some of the Arizona handicap parking laws, including:

  • Only people with a valid handicap sign can park in designated parking spots
  • People from other states with a valid handicap parking pass can use handicap parking spaces in accordance with their state’s regulations
  • A fine of up to $50 and parking violations of up to $250 could be enforced for violators
  • Violating Arizona traffic laws could revoke handicap parking privileges
  • Hearing impaired license plates do not allow drivers to park in handicap parking spots

In order to enforce the handicap parking laws in Arizona, many municipalities have volunteer parking enforcement groups in order to search for people abusing handicap parking regulations. These groups have the ability to issue citations to violators.


Parking Pass Requirements

The Arizona Department of Transportation will issue both disability placards (temporary, permanent or hearing impaired) and license plates (permanent or hearing impaired). The requirements for obtaining a handicap parking pass include:

  • Not being able to walk 200 feet without rest
  • Having a cardiac condition
  • Suffering from a neurological, arthritic or orthopedic condition
  • Having a restrictive lung disease
  • Needing a mobility device like a wheelchair, crutch, brace or cane
  • Requiring portable oxygen
  • And others

Disabled Veteran License Plates are also available for Arizona residents. In order to qualify, your disability must be service-connected and verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


How to Apply

Anyone having a qualifying disability can apply for a handicap placard. If you own or lease a vehicle, you can also apply for a handicap license plate. To complete the application process, you must:

  • Fill out and submit the Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application (Form 96-0104), which can be obtained online or in person
  • Medical certification by a licensed physician must be on the application
  • If you lease your vehicle, the lease document with your name on it must be presented
  • Pay for any applicable fees
  • Placards and license plates are free
  • Personalized plates are $50 and other special plates vary in price
  • Mailed Arizona DMV forms must be notarized, or apply in person at an AZ MVD office

If your license plate or placard gets damaged, stolen or misplaced, you can request a replacement from the Arizona Department of Transportation by completing the Placard Renewal/Replacement Request (Form 40-0112). Replacement placards are free and replacement license plates are $5.

If you need to file an Arizona handicap parking application, be sure to contact us for assistance on obtaining your disability certification. To verify your eligibility, we are affiliated with qualified physicians in every state. Click here to start applying for your disability certification with a licensed Arizona doctor.

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