Dr Handicap - New Orleans street

30 Sep

A Guide To Disabled Parking In Louisiana

A disabled parking permit in Louisiana will allow you to travel, work, and explore in the Bayou State in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible. Here is a comprehensive guide to disabled parking in Louisiana.

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 30 September 2019

Dr Handicap - Idaho

25 Sep

A Guide To Disabled Parking In Idaho

Disabled parking laws can be different in each state, and it's important to know the rules wherever you are. Here’s a definitive guide to disabled parking in Idaho, the Gem State!

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 25 September 2019

Dr Handicap - car in no parking zone

22 Sep

How Long Can I Leave My Car in a Disabled Parking Spot?

There are many regulations that differ from state to state regarding disabled parking permits, so it can be a little confusing to figure out if you’re using your placard correctly. One of your questions might be, “How long can I park in a disabled parking spot?” Let's investigate.

Posted by: Erin Konrad 22 September 2019