The Complete Guide To How You Can Get An Online Disabled Parking Permit In Tennessee

For individuals with disabilities, seamless mobility is a key factor in fostering independence and ensuring equal participation in daily life. One crucial aspect of this accessibility is the availability of disabled parking permits, which can significantly enhance the quality of life for those facing mobility challenges. If you live in the picturesque state of Tennessee and are in need of an online disabled parking permit, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all you need to know about how you can get an online disabled parking permit in Tennessee.

Tennessee ADA guidelines for accessible parking spaces

Tennessee, like many states, adheres to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to ensure the provision of accessible parking spaces for individuals with disabilities. According to the ADA, accessible parking spaces must be situated as close as possible to a facility’s entrance, and they should be designed to accommodate the specific needs of people with mobility challenges. These guidelines dictate the required number of accessible spaces based on the total parking capacity, specifying the dimensions for van-accessible spaces, as well as the necessary signage and marking criteria.

It’s vital for Tennessee businesses and facilities to ensure that the spaces are not only available, but also appropriately configured to facilitate accessibility for those who depend on them.

Handicap parking regulations and rules in Tennessee

In Tennessee, handicap parking regulations and rules are in place to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equitable access to parking facilities. These regulations align with ADA guidelines and cover various aspects of handicapped parking.

State law mandates that parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities must be clearly marked and meet specific dimensional requirements. It’s crucial for motorists to respect these designated spaces, as unauthorized parking in these areas can result in fines and penalties.

Additionally, Tennessee issues disabled parking permits to eligible individuals, allowing them to park in designated spaces. These permits come with certain conditions, such as displaying the permit visibly and only using it when transporting the qualified individual with a disability. By upholding these regulations, Tennessee strives to create an inclusive environment that prioritizes accessibility for individuals with disabilities and ensures that handicap parking spaces are available for those who truly need them.

Disability license plates and parking privileges in Tennessee

Tennessee disability license plates and their associated parking privileges play a crucial role in facilitating accessible mobility for individuals with disabilities. The state offers disability license plates to eligible residents, providing a visible identifier of their special parking status. These license plates grant holders certain parking privileges, including access to designated handicapped parking spaces.

It’s important for those with disability license plates to adhere to the rules and regulations governing their use, ensuring that these privileges are utilized only when transporting the qualified individual with a disability. The state of Tennessee is committed to promoting inclusivity and ease of access, and disability license plates contribute significantly to realizing this goal by affording individuals with disabilities the convenience and accommodation they need for their day-to-day activities.

TN disabled veteran license plates and parking permits

In Tennessee, disabled veteran license plates and parking permits serve as a token of appreciation and support for those who have served in the armed forces and incurred service-related disabilities. Eligible veterans can obtain special license plates that not only signify their military service but also come with associated parking privileges. As with other disabled parking permits, disabled veteran license plates grant access to designated parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities, providing added convenience for those who may face mobility challenges due to their service-related injuries.

To obtain these special plates and parking permits, veterans typically need to meet specific criteria and provide documentation of their disability status. Tennessee’s commitment to honoring and assisting disabled veterans through such measures not only recognizes their sacrifices but also contributes to fostering a more accessible and supportive environment for these individuals in their day-to-day lives.

How to apply for a handicap parking permit online in TN

Applying for a handicap parking permit online in Tennessee is a straightforward process designed for the convenience of individuals with disabilities. To initiate the application, residents can visit the official website of the Tennessee Department of Revenue or head to their county clerk’s office to pick up a form in person.

Online disabled parking permit application in Tennessee

The online form for the Tennessee Department of Revenue handicap parking application requires essential information, including personal details and documentation verifying the applicant’s eligibility in the form of a licensed physician’s certification outlining the nature and extent of the disability.

Once the application is submitted, there may be a processing period during which the information is reviewed. Upon approval, the Department of Revenue will issue the handicap parking permit to the qualifying individual.

Tennessee disabled parking permit medical requirements

In Tennessee, disabled parking permits are only granted to individuals who meet specific qualifying conditions related to their mobility challenges. By establishing clear qualifying conditions, Tennessee aims to ensure that disabled parking permits are allocated to those who genuinely need the accommodations, fostering a more accessible and equitable environment for individuals facing various mobility challenges across the state.

These conditions are outlined in detail by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, and include individuals who:

  • are confined to a wheelchair
  • walk with difficulty or uncertainty
  • have 20/200 vision or worse with corrective lenses
  • are the parent or legal guardian of a person who is permanently disabled and incapable of operating a motor vehicle.


Obtaining an online disabled parking permit in Tennessee is a significant stride towards a more accessible lifestyle. We hope this guide has equipped you with all you need to know about the process of getting yourself a Tennessee handicap parking permit! Click here for more information.

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Can I Get A Disabled Space Outside My House In Tennessee?

Tennessee has a well-functioning, user-friendly disabled parking program. The Volunteer State provides a generous number of official disabled parking spaces for its disabled residents and visitors, and most municipalities in Tennessee also allow free parking for disabled permit-holders in metered, on-street parking spaces.

However, many Tennessee residents live in homes that are not as near as they would like to a disabled parking space. For residents who live an inconvenient distance from the nearest disabled parking space, is it possible to request a disabled space be installed outside their house?

Getting a disabled parking space outside your house can greatly increase your quality of life. Permit holders deserve a disabled parking infrastructure that is well-suited to their needs, and having a residential disabled space in Tennessee can be a real gamechanger.

So, can you get a disabled space outside your house in Tennessee? Who qualifies for a disabled space outside their house in Tennessee, and how do you apply? And who can park in residential handicap parking spaces in Tennessee? Let’s answer these crucial questions now.

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Image by 12019 on Pixabay: Can I get a disabled space outside my house in Tennessee?

Can I Get A Disabled Space Outside My House In Tennessee?

It is possible to get a disabled parking space outside your house in Tennessee. There is no fee to have a disabled space installed outside your house, and applications are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Who Qualifies For A Disabled Space Outside Their House In Tennessee?

Disabled parking permit holders qualify for a disabled space outside their house in Tennessee if it is judged to be necessary. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration when a person applies for a disabled space outside their house are:

  • The availability of off-street parking at the residence (garage, driveway, parking lot)
  • The location of the nearest on-street disabled spaces
  • Whether the person has a permanent disabled parking placard or license plates
  • Whether the home where the space is requested contains an accessibility ramp
  • Whether the applicant is eligible for paratransit services offered by the metro government

How Do I Get A Disabled Parking Spot Outside My House In Tennessee?

So, how do I get a disabled bay outside my home in Tennessee? To apply for a residential disabled parking permit in Tennessee, you need to contact your local department of public works. The local department of public works evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis.

Who Can Park In Residential On-Street Handicap Parking Spaces?

Tennessee handicap parking laws do not allow for disabled spaces to be reserved. Therefore, a residential disabled parking space in Tennessee is not reserved only for the person who applied to have it installed. Any disabled parking permit holder is entitled to park in a residential space once it has been installed.

What Types Of Disabled Parking Permits Are Available In Tennessee?

The following types of disabled parking permit are available in Tennessee:

  • Permanent disabled driver or passenger license plates or placards
  • Agency disabled placard – for organizations that transport disabled people
  • Temporary disabled placards – valid for up to six months
  • Disabled Veterans license plates

How To Get A Handicap Placard In Tennessee

To get a Tennessee disabled parking permit, go to the Dr. Handicap online clinic and set up a telemedicine consultation with a licensed doctor. The doctor will verify your disability and then complete the relevant sections of an application form. Once the form is completed, submit it to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

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What Are The Qualifying Conditions For A Disabled Parking Permit In Tennessee?

To qualify for a Tennessee disabled parking permit, a person must:

  • Be unable to walk 200 feet without needing to stop to rest
  • Have had a foot, arm, leg, or hand amputated
  • Have a disability that is certified by a licensed physician
  • Be unable to walk without the aid of a wheelchair, crutches, brace, or some other assistive device
  • Have vision worse than 20/200

Are Out-Of-State Disabled Permits Valid In Tennessee?

Disabled parking permits issued by all other US states are valid in Tennessee. Disabled permits from the following nations are also valid:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • All EU states
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan

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A Guide To Disabled Parking In Tennessee