9 Things That Safe Drivers Do

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How do I become a super-safe driver? This is a question that all disabled drivers should be asking themselves. Driving is convenient and often enjoyable – but it can also be dangerous if not done properly and sensibly.

On the road, every driver faces an ever-present risk of accident, injury and even death. Driving safely and arming yourself with the skills to keep yourself and your passengers safe is extremely important.

So, what does a safe driver do whenever they’re on the road? What skills do safe drivers have? And how can you be a smart and safe driver every time you get behind the wheel? Today, we’ll be talking about some key things that safe drivers do.

1. Safe Drivers Don’t Rely On Other Road Users To Drive Safely

Safe drivers take full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their passengers. They don’t rely on other road users to behave responsibly at all times, because unfortunately, this often isn’t the case.

Other drivers may do dangerous and irresponsible things on the road from time to time, so it’s always essential that you keep a safe distance from other cars and pedestrians, stay alert to your surroundings, and expect the unexpected.

2. Safe Drivers Avoid Distraction

Distracted driving is often lethal. Many people get into accidents every year on US roads as a result of their own or another road user’s distracted driving. Safe drivers never allow themselves to be distracted while driving.

To avoid distraction, never use your phone while driving, avoid loud audio, and make sure passengers are calm and sensibly behaved.

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Image by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash: What skills do safe drivers have?

3. Safe Drivers Become Experts At Defensive Driving

Safe drivers always drive defensively and are always improving their driving skills. Defensive driving means:

  • Always having safety as a first priority
  • Being very aware of your surroundings
  • Never relying on good driving from other road users
  • Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Driving at a safe speed
  • Avoiding distractions

4. Safe Drivers Never Drive When Drowsy

Drowsy driving leads to thousands of deaths on the road every year. Safe drivers know that when they feel drowsy, it’s essential to take a break, have a nap, and/or refresh themselves with some cool air or a cup of coffee.

5. Safe Drivers Never Drive Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible thing to do. Safe drivers only drive when they are sober. If you’re planning to drink when you go out, be sure to have another method of transport arranged so you won’t be tempted to get behind the wheel.

6. Safe Drivers Drive Safe, Well-Maintained Vehicles

Safe drivers always make sure that their vehicle is well-maintained, fully serviced, and in perfect working order. Safe drivers also use the appropriate vehicle modifications they need if they have a disability.

7. Safe Drivers Keep Suitable Emergency Equipment In Their Vehicle

Safe drivers always have the following essential safety equipment in their vehicle:

  • First aid kit
  • Drinking water
  • Emergency food
  • Back-up medication
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Duct tape
  • Cell phone and car mobile phone charge
  • Spare tire, tripod jack, wheel wrench
  • Tool kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Reflective triangles and a reflective vest
  • Warm clothes and blankets
  • Snow shovel, snow brush, cat litter for traction
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Coolant fluid
  • Oil
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Image by JacksonDavid on Pixabay: How do I become a super-safe driver?

8. Safe Drivers Know What Weather Conditions To Expect

Driving in adverse weather conditions can be risky. Safe drivers always know what weather to expect on their journey and how to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

9. Safe Drivers Always Have Their Disabled Parking Permit

Safe drivers who are disabled always make sure to have their disabled parking permit with them. You can only use disabled parking if you have your permit and display it clearly, hanging from the rearview mirror.

How Do I Get A Disabled Parking Permit?

To get a disabled parking permit, you should submit an application form to your local disabled parking authorities. This will usually be your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The first step is to have a video consultation with a physician or other medical professional licensed in your state. This can be arranged through the Dr. Handicap online clinic.

Once you have completed your consultation and your suitability for disabled parking has been verified, the physician will email you a certified copy of your state’s disabled parking application form. You will then complete the form and submit it, along with any necessary payment and proof of ID, to your local disabled parking authorities.

Whether you submit your application to your local DMV office or to the tax collector’s office will depend on which state you are applying in. You can submit your application either in person or by mail, and in a growing number of states, you can submit your application online.

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