How Telemedicine Can Help You Get A Handicap Parking Permit

With technology continuously advancing over the years, it has become more and more common to use some form of electronic device to get things done, from the multiple uses of a smartphone to watches that are not limited to just telling you the time but tracking your every fitness stat. When it comes to the more serious issue of health though, technology has become very convenient and time saving. For instance, telemedicine, which is a fairly new concept, has enabled people to communicate a medical professional for advice and diagnosis without even having to leave their home. This is normally done through a laptop, computer or smartphone where remote healthcare is provided by a doctor by video call, text message or phone call.

Dr Handicap - parked cars

Patients can park closer to the doctor's office, store or wherever you want to go with a handicap parking permit.

It is also very useful for people who cannot get to a doctor, whether it be due to lack of time or physical disability preventing them from traveling. Overall, telemedicine means that you do not have to take time off work to go and see your doctor and you can have easier access to specialists to help with your healthcare needs. There are cost-saving advantages for both patient and doctor in terms travel expenses and less additional clinic space and equipment needed. Because of the time-saving benefits, it also means that patient demand can be met as doctors are able to provide healthcare to more people. The quality of the services have also been proven to be just as good as a face to face appointment and given the previous benefits mentioned means that telemedicine is a superior product.

Furthermore, the major benefit of telemedicine helping people who cannot travel to their doctor because of disability means that they can potentially be eligible for a parking permit.

A parking permit, also known as a placard, can be useful for people who suffer from certain health problems such as lung disease, heart disease, arthritis or vision problems among a host of other conditions. There are tens of millions of Americans who suffer from some type of lung disease such as asthma or chronic bronchitis and this can make it very difficult to breathe normally. Arthritis is also a common condition caused by inflammation of the joints, which can be very painful and can limit movement such as walking. If you have either of these conditions or any other type of pain or problem that causes difficulty when moving about then not only would telemedicine benefit you but you may qualify for a disabled parking permit too. This means that wherever you travel to, you will be able to obtain a parking spot that is closer to the entrance making the walking distance shorter for you.

The criteria varies depending on which state you live in but once you find out if you are eligible for a disabled parking permit the process is straightforward. First and foremost, you will need a doctor or medical professional to certify on your application that you have a disability. Next, you simply obtain an application either online or at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office, fill in the relevant parts along with your doctor’s signature and send off the form. The majority of states offer placards for short and long term disabilities and it is important to note that the parking permit if only valid if the disabled person is in the vehicle and is not to be used by any other passengers as penalties and fines may occur if the placard is misused. Moreover, certain states may charge a small fee for a disabled parking permit whereas others are free and the DMV website should state all the information.

As we mentioned before, telemedicine is a fairly new concept but has so far had a positive impact for medical professionals and patients around the world. It is not only convenient in terms of saving time but is also cost effective and can even help people obtain a disabled parking permit. The two go hand in hand in helping to make disabled people’s lives easier by making a doctor more accessible. This new way of interaction between people and their doctors is growing rapidly and it is really no surprise, considering the fundamental benefits. If you have trouble reaching your doctor for an appointment in person then maybe it is time you consider telemedicine as a means to gain the medical information and advice you require.