How Do I Get A Disabled Parking Permit in Rhode Island?

For individuals with mobility challenges, a handicap parking permit can be a crucial tool in enhancing accessibility and ensuring a smoother daily life. In Rhode Island, the process of obtaining a disabled parking permit is well-structured, aiming to provide convenience for those who need it. We’re here to answer the question “How do I get a disabled parking permit in Rhode Island?”, outlining the necessary requirements and the application process.

How to Obtain a Handicap Parking Permit in Rhode Island

Obtaining a handicap parking permit in Rhode Island involves a straightforward process, but it’s essential to be aware of the specific steps involved. The first step is to determine whether you qualify for a disabled parking permit under Rhode Island regulations.

Requirements for Getting a Disabled Parking Permit in Rhode Island

To qualify for a handicap parking permit in Rhode Island, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Generally, individuals who experience limited mobility or have a medical condition that impairs their ability to walk qualify for a disabled parking permit. Conditions such as difficulty walking 200 feet without stopping, reliance on portable oxygen, or the use of a wheelchair or assistive device may make an individual eligible.

Rhode Island Disabled Parking Permit Application Process

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, the next step is to proceed with the application process. The Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the primary authority responsible for issuing disabled parking permits in the state. Applicants can obtain the necessary forms and information from the official Rhode Island DMV website or visit a local DMV office.

Rhode Island DMV Handicap Parking Application

The Rhode Island DMV provides a user-friendly application process for disabled parking permits. As mentioned above, the application form can be downloaded from the official DMV website or obtained in person from a local DMV office. The form requires essential information, including personal details, medical certification, and a description of the disability.

Application Form for Disabled Parking Permit in Rhode Island

The application form for a disabled parking permit in Rhode Island is comprehensive and designed to collect all necessary information for processing. Here is an overview of the key sections:

  1. Personal Information: Provide your full name, address, date of birth, contact details, and driver’s license/state ID number.
  2. Medical Certification: A licensed healthcare professional must certify the nature and extent of your disability. This may include a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. The healthcare provider will need to complete the relevant sections of the form and provide their signature.
  3. Disability Description: Your physician should briefly describe your disability and how it impacts your ability to walk, as well as indicating the type of condition it is in terms of duration (temporary, long-term or permanent).
  4. Signature and Submission: Ensure that the application is signed, and submit it along with any required fees to the Rhode Island DMV (at the time of writing, there is no fee for obtaining a handicap permit in Rhode Island, but this may change, so it’s advisable to check the current fee schedule on the DMV website).

What Types of Rhode Island Disabled Parking Permits are Available?

Rhode Island offers various types of Disabled Parking Permits to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals with mobility challenges. The two primary categories are temporary and permanent permits. Temporary permits are suitable for those with short-term disabilities, issued for a period of 2–12 months; permanent permits cater to individuals with long-term or permanent mobility impairments and are issued for 1–3 years (long-term) or 6 years (permanent), after which they may be renewed.

Additionally, the state provides special permits for organizations transporting individuals with disabilities. The specific types of permits ensure that Rhode Island residents can access the appropriate parking accommodations based on the duration and nature of their mobility challenges, promoting inclusivity and convenience for those who require accessible parking spaces.


Obtaining a handicap parking permit in Rhode Island is a well-structured process designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges. By understanding the eligibility criteria, gathering the necessary documentation, and completing the application form accurately, you can navigate the process smoothly. The Rhode Island DMV plays a crucial role in facilitating the issuance of disabled parking permits, ensuring that those who require accessible parking options can obtain them efficiently. If you or someone you know meets the criteria for a handicap parking permit, take advantage of this valuable resource to enhance accessibility and make daily life more manageable.

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