Getting a disabled parking permit allows you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have close, easily accessible parking at your destination. If you have a qualifying condition, the application process for a disabled parking permit is simple and inexpensive. Got questions on how to get your disabled parking permit online in Alabama? Read on to find out more!

Alabama Disability Placard Requirements

Ultimately, the decision to certify an application for an Alabama disabled parking permit is made by the licensed state physician who does your consultation. It is important to remember that the rules surrounding disabled parking permits vary from state to state. However, there are many conditions that generally qualify for a disabled parking permit in any location.

Alabama disability placards are issued for the following conditions (among others):

  • You need to use portable oxygen on a regular basis
  • You cannot use one or both of your legs
  • You cannot walk without an assisting device like crutches, a cane, braces, a prosthetic device, a wheelchair, another person, etc.
  • You have a Class III or IV cardiac condition as defined by the standards set by the American Heart Association.
  • You have arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that limits your ability to walk
  • You are unable to walk 200 feet without stopping
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Image by truthseeker08 on Pixabay: How do I get a disabled parking permit in Alabama?

How To Get A Disability License Plate In Alabama

If you have a qualifying condition, the application process for a disabled parking permit in Alabama is not too complicated. You’ll need to fill in an Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges (Form MVR 32-6-230). You can obtain this form either online on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, or directly from the office in person. You will need to have this application form certified by a licensed physician in the state of Alabama. Luckily, this can be done online from the comfort of your own home through telemedicine.

Once you have this certification on your application form, you are ready to apply. Alabama is one of the most flexible states when it comes to the disabled parking permit application process. The completed application form can be returned in person at the DMV office or mailed in. The application process is free in Alabama.

Get Your Disabled Parking Permit Online In Alabama

To get your disabled parking permit online in Alabama, simply follow the steps above and you will receive it quickly. It is usually quicker to return your forms in person rather than mailing, but both options are simple and will ensure you receive your Alabama disabled parking permit in no time.

What Are The Rules Surrounding My Disabled Parking Permit In Alabama?

Your Alabama disabled parking permit allows you to park in reserved, fully accessible parking spaces. These spaces are usually wider, with crosshatched areas on either side to give extra space to those needing to use a wheelchair lift. They are typically located close to the entrance/exit of buildings to allow for the driver to quickly and easily access the building without traveling long distances.

To use these parking spaces, it’s important to correctly display your parking permit to ensure it can be clearly viewed. It should be hung from the rear-view mirror or displayed clearly on the dashboard of your vehicle. If not, you may be liable for a fine. Those who occupy disabled parking spots falsely are also liable to be reported to local police, and may receive fines.

There are two types of disabled parking permits: temporary or permanent. These two passes have different lengths of validity, so it is important to check how long your disabled parking permit is eligible for. A temporary disabled parking permit is only valid for six months, while a permanent disabled parking permit is valid for five years.

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It’s important to visit your physician before the expiration date to be re-certified for your permit’s renewal. If you don’t receive a new certification from your physician, you will be unable to reapply for your permit and will lose your disability parking rights when your permit expires.

If you find that you’ve lost your disability parking permit, it can be replaced if you’ve received a permanent permit. You won’t have to reapply; you can simply fill out the application for a replacement permit. Although there is no cost associated with this application, you will have to wait anywhere from two to four weeks to receive your replacement permit. During this period, you will not be able to park in disabled parking spaces.

If you’re eligible for a disabled parking permit in Alabama, it’s so easy to apply online today. It will make life behind the wheel easier for you, and will take the stress out of parking at your destination. And with an application process that’s so quick and simple, what are you waiting for?

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