Why Severely Asthmatic People Would Benefit From A Handicap Parking Permit

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Asthma is a condition that affects a huge number of Americans: around one in 12 people, or 8% of the population at last count. Because it’s such a common complaint that we hear about a lot, people often underestimate the severity of asthma, and just associate it with inhalers. In fact, it’s a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs, which can lead to a quarter of a million premature deaths every year.

One simple gesture that might help ease the lives of those with severe asthma would be a handicap parking permit. As it stands, each state governs its own laws about what constitutes a disability when it comes to handicap parking, but unless you have to carry around an oxygen tank, there’s little chance that your asthma will guarantee you a parking spot.

This is a shame, as there are many benefits that severely asthmatic people could reap from such specialized treatment. The disease of asthma is characterized by recurring episodes of shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and uncomfortable chest tightness. There’s also the annoying symptom of producing sputum in the lungs that can’t easily be coughed up. This brings on hours of raspy coughing, which further rakes and irritates the lungs.

Unfortunately, these are also all the hallmarks of a heart attack, adding to the stress and panic of a severe asthma attack. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that asthma is also linked with psychological ailments such as anxiety and mood disorders. Asthma also disrupts sleep, leading to bouts of rhinosinusitus and disruptive sleep apnea – a very serious condition that can potentially be fatal if left unchecked.

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It is unknown exactly what causes asthma, but it certainly involves some combination of environmental and genetic factors. Family history is a major risk factor for asthma, as are occurrences of eczema and hayfever. Recent studies have shown that obesity can play a part, as can uncontrollable factors such as air pollution and environmental chemicals.

There is no one diagnosis test for asthma, as the symptoms are reminiscent of a number of other diseases; the call is made after reviewing progress and watching the patient respond to various long-term tests. Unfortunately, there is no real prevention or bulletproof cure for asthma either. Patients who are diagnosed with the disease have to find ways to incorporate it into their lives and make it as manageable as possible.

One of the most effective management techniques is to identify triggers and then do your best to stay away from them. Things like cigarette smoke, cats, dogs, or even some forms of medication can be triggers for bouts of asthma attacks. If patients can recognize what exacerbates their condition, they can have a better quality of life. For those with mild asthmatic symptoms, this might be an easy fix, but for those with a more severe dose of the disease, there can be triggers everywhere.

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One activity that is bound to aggravate severe asthma is walking long distances. Although this practice is best avoided if possible, unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common realty for asthma sufferers – especially when they have to travel to large, crowded areas like malls, cinemas, or stadiums. Everyone who drives knows that finding a parking space can be hell at the best of times; if you factor in risking an asthma attack every time you have to drive somewhere, it can become a real ordeal.

This is why asthmatic people could really benefit from a handicap parking permit. It would enable them to be sure of finding a parking spot close to where they want to go, providing the shortest distance to walk to their destination. The best news for asthmatic sufferers is that they wouldn’t even need to leave their home to avail of one of these permits; with the advent of telemedicine, you can schedule a clinical visit over your computer. These function just the same as regular doctor’s visits, and have all the benefits of a regular visit, but save you and the doctor much more time and hassle. The practitioners are still able to provide prescriptions and consultancy referrals, even though you’re not actually visiting them in real life.

All in all, asthma is an overlooked disease that has many serious health implications. A handicap parking permit is a simple, effective way for patients to ease a little of the suffering they encounter on a day-to-day basis. They shouldn’t solely be reserved for people who have to lug oxygen tanks around with them. Asthma is a cumulative disease, so even if it doesn’t seem like much, doing everything possible to reduce the effects of the condition will have a positive long-term effect. This process can start with the introduction of a handicap parking permit for the millions suffering from asthma.