Is It Illegal To Drive With A Disabled Parking Permit In Place?

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Driving with a disabled parking permit brings huge benefits to disabled people all over the country. Disabled permits come in many different shapes, sizes, and types depending on the type of disability you have and the state you live in.

Disabled parking permits allow their holders to park in any designated disabled parking space. In many jurisdictions, they also entitle their holders to park in metered, time-restricted, on-street parking spaces for free and for any length of time. These benefits make disabled permit holders’ lives much easier.

But like with any large program, it only works if people are diligent about understanding and obeying the rules. The disabled parking program is so efficient and effective because it is well-organized and structured. Disabled permit holders need to be familiar with the program’s rules and regulations, and they need to be adept at following them. When everybody follows the rules the system runs smoothly, and when the system runs smoothly more people can benefit from it.

A big issue regarding disabled parking permit usage is placement. It is important that you know exactly where to place your disabled parking permit, both when the vehicle is stationary and when the vehicle is in motion. Driving with a disabled permit in the wrong place can be dangerous for the driver and for all other road users.

This brings us to an often-asked question… “Can I drive with my disabled parking permit in place?”

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Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay: Where do I put my disabled parking permit when driving?

Where Do I Put My Disabled Parking Permit?

Wondering “how to display my disabled parking permit?” This is a very common question. And the answer is… Well, it depends. Like everything disabled parking-related, it varies slightly state by state.

“Where do I put my disabled parking permit when driving?” and “Where do I put my disabled parking permit while stationary?” are two separate questions, with two separate answers.

When your vehicle is stationary, the most important thing is that your disabled parking permit is clearly visible to any law enforcement officers or parking attendants that may be on patrol. But when your vehicle is in motion, the most important thing is safety. So with this in mind…

A Permit Must Never Obscure The Driver’s Vision

The single most important thing when driving is safety. The number one reason for the rules and regulations of the road is to ensure people get from A to B safely and securely. Disabled parking permit placement plays a big part in road safety.

The most important thing to consider is: can the driver see? It is crucial that the driver does not have their vision obscured by a disabled permit. This means the permit should never be hung from the rearview mirror while the car is in motion.

Where Do You Place Your Disabled Parking Permit While Parked?

Where you keep your disabled parking permit while driving will depend on where you keep it while you are parked. Some states require that their disabled permits be stuck on the windshield, whereas some other states require that permits be hung on the rearview mirror.

A disabled parking permit hung from the rearview mirror will be a big safety hazard when the vehicle is in motion. Therefore, if your permit usually sits in your windshield, it can remain there while you are driving; but if it usually hangs from your rearview mirror, it must be removed while you are driving.

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Image by StockSnap on Pixabay: Where to put a disabled parking permit while driving is an easily answered question: in the safest place possible.

Place Your Disabled Parking Permit in the Safest Possible Place

Where to put a disabled parking permit while driving is an easily answered question: in the safest place possible. And this means never hanging it from the rearview mirror!

When you are driving, your disabled parking permit does not need to be on display, so if your permit is of the hanging variety, it is best to keep it stowed somewhere safe. The best place for this is the vehicle’s glove compartment. When kept in this easy-to-remember spot, it’s safe and within easy reach.

What To Do If You Are Challenged By A Police Officer About Your Disabled Parking Permit

It is the job of police and traffic wardens to keep the disabled parking program running smoothly, so driving with a disabled parking permit sometimes requires interactions with law enforcement. The best way to handle these interactions is to be polite (of course!) and to show your permit, always making sure it’s renewed and in date.

Hopefully, the above answers all of your questions about where and how to hang a disabled parking permit while driving. The disabled parking permit program is a wonderful scheme that works because the rules and regulations are well thought-out, sensibly implemented, and adhered to by the vast majority of drivers.

If you don’t yet have a disabled parking permit, now is the time to take action. It couldn’t be easier to apply for disabled parking online, so get started today!

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