7 Ways Technology Is Helping Disabled Drivers

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Disabled driver technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Innovation is rife in the tech sector and disabled drivers are benefiting in numerous ways. Disabled driver tech is making vehicles safer and traveling easier, and applying for a disabled permit is now a smoother and more effortless process than ever before.

Today, innovative technology already helps disabled drivers in many ways that, even a few short years ago, were unimaginable. And the horizon is sparklingly bright with quickly evolving technologies that promise to truly revolutionize the lives of disabled drivers.

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Image by Stephen4 on Pixabay: Disabled driver tech is advancing at a rapid pace.

How Technology Helps Disabled Drivers

Disabled driver tech greatly reduces the impact that a disability has on a person’s capacity to get around. A lack of mobility no longer has to restrict a disabled person to the extent that it once did. Disabled driver technology is opening the world up for people with disabilities and enabling them to be independent and self-actualize in new ways.

Smartphone Apps Let Disabled Drivers Find And Share Essential Information

New smartphone apps that massively help disabled drivers are being developed all the time. Apps such as Wheelmate tell disabled drivers where the nearest disabled parking spaces are located; Wheelmap allows users to find and share wheelchair-accessible places anywhere in the world.

Satellite Navigation And Map Apps Make Getting Around Easier Than Ever

Disabled driver technology makes getting lost virtually impossible with voice-controlled satellite navigation and map apps that can be used online or offline. Apps such as Maps.me allow users to download a map of any area and thereafter navigate even when offline. This is hugely helpful for disabled drivers when traveling.

Tech Has Made Vehicles Safer Than Ever

Car companies are using technology to help disabled drivers by making vehicles safer than ever before. The newest cars are lightyears ahead of older models when it comes to safety and accidents are now less destructive than ever before. New vehicles excel in “crash performance,” redistributing force away from passengers in genius ways. And not only are crashes less deadly, but “active accident avoidance” technologies are also developing at a rapid pace and making crashes less likely to occur in the first place.

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Image by Pixel-mixer on Pixabay: Crash performance is now better than ever.

Mobile Technology Makes Applying For A Disabled Permit Easy

Developments in technology to help disabled drivers are very apparent when it comes to applying for a disabled permit. The days of visiting a doctor in person, and all the hassle that entails, are gone thanks to improved telemedicine technologies. It is now easy to consult with a medical professional online from the comfort of your own home. Improvements in telemedicine have been a huge help to disabled drivers.

The Future Is Bright For Disabled Drivers

Disabled driver tech development is showing no sign of slowing down. New technologies are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with innovations cascading and snowballing. Disabled drivers are set to benefit massively from new technologies that are currently coming to fruition. The future looks very bright for disabled drivers.

From AI and robotics to apps that will let the blind see, there is an avalanche of exciting disabled driver technology on the horizon. And while future innovations are impossible to accurately predict and sure to be even more spectacular than we can currently imagine, it is possible to see and appreciate some disabled driver tech that is just now on the brink of rolling out.

Self-Driving Vehicles Will Massively Help Disabled People

Self-driving vehicles are already in use, but they are not widely available. Over the next few years, this is set to change. Self-driving cars will become commonplace and this revolution will be a great help to disabled drivers. Traveling will become safer and easier than ever before when people can travel in their own smart, self-driving car. Disabled permit holders who are unable to drive will no longer need to depend on a friend or family member to drive them around. This will give disabled people far greater freedom and independence.

Seeing AI Will Shed Light On The World

Seeing AI is becoming very sophisticated and is set to hugely improve the lives of people who are blind or have impaired vision. Seeing AI opens up the world to visually impaired people by describing the surrounding world in great detail. This type of artificial intelligence will help visually impaired disabled drivers a great deal.

Translation Technology Will Connect People Like Never Before

Translation technology to help disabled drivers will roll out in the near future. In the next few years, it will become commonplace for disabled drivers to be able to hold a real-time conversation with a person who speaks a different language. This exciting new technology will open up multiple new worlds of possibility for disabled drivers.

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit

With all of this exciting disabled driver technology being developed, if you haven’t yet applied for a permit, now is the time to do so. And it couldn’t be any easier! All you need to do is have an online consultation with a medical professional on Dr. Handicap and then apply to your local disabled parking authorities. Apply now and be a part of the disabled parking tech revolution!

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