How Do You Renew Your Alabama Handicap Parking Placard Online?

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A disabled parking placard helps people with any sort of disability, allowing them to park closer to their destination. Having a disabled parking permit or placard can make life easier for anyone with a temporary or permanent disability. The universal symbol is a blue background with a white wheelchair, which is also painted on disabled parking spots.

Different states have varying rules, regulations and stipulations regarding the issuance and renewal of disabled parking permits and placards. For example, you might not be aware that an Alabama handicap parking permit is valid in all other states, but some require that you apply for temporary travel placards.

According to the CDC, 31% of Alabama’s population is living with a disability. Having access to disabled parking is important for their equality and functioning within society. We’ve put together everything you need to know about disabled parking placards, permit issuance, and the renewal process in the state of Alabama.

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Image by Jakub Pabis on Unsplash: Alabama handicap placard renewal online makes life easier for a lot of people.

Eligibility for Alabama handicap placard renewal online

In order for you to be eligible for handicap placard renewal, you must be able to prove that you still have a recognized disability by the state of Alabama when applying for a disabled placard. This includes:

  • Inability to walk 100 feet without needing a break to rest
  • Needing assistance in walking e.g. crutches, wheelchair
  • A serious heart and/or lung disease
  • Dependence on portable oxygen for proper respiratory function
  • Spine or limb injury (temporary or permanent)
  • Genetic disability

Period of validity

A disabled parking placard and permit in Alabama has a validity of six months if it’s temporary (red placard) and five years if permanent (blue placard). A disabled license plate is issued only if the driver has a lifelong disability.

Temporary placards, as the name suggests, are issued to anyone who has a temporary disability and is unable to walk without the temporary assistance of crutches or another walking aid. If the disability extends beyond six months, the placard can be renewed. Alabama handicap parking permit renewal also applies to permanent placards, as they are not renewed automatically after their validity expires in five years (so keep an eye on the expiration date!).

Renewal months

The renewal of disabled placards in Alabama is permitted only during the specified renewal months. Another reason to note the date of expiration on your placard is that it will correspond with your renewal month.


Good news: disabled drivers are exempt from paying any fee for Alabama handicap placard renewal.

Proper paperwork for permanent Alabama handicap placard renewal online

The process of handicap placard renewal starts with filling out the application, which can be downloaded online. For long-term placard renewal, you’ll need to fill out and submit the application, confirming that you still meet all the requirements for disabled parking placard or permit issuance in the state of Alabama.

You aren’t required to submit a new physician certificate at this time, as you can self-certify that you are still eligible for disabled parking.

How to renew an AL disabled parking permit for the temporarily disabled

You need to fill out the form and submit it to the local DMV with your physician’s certificate showing that your injuries are not yet fully healed and that you require another six months. If it is indicated that your recovery will be beyond six months, the application will be declined. Be sure that your application and the certificate fit the criteria for a temporary disabled parking placard.

Mailing the documents

People sometimes get confused over Alabama handicap placard renewal online, assuming the form can be completed online after uploading the required documents. However, that is not the case. While you can download the form online, once it has been filled out, it needs to be mailed to the local DMV, along with the supporting documents such as the physician’s certificate.

Vehicle registration

Another important factor in applying for disabled placard renewal is the name of the applicant on the vehicle registration. If the vehicle is no longer registered in your name, you cannot apply for Alabama handicap parking permit renewal. If you have a new vehicle, you need to apply for a new placard and renew it post-expiration. The local Department of Motor Vehicles will issue you up to two placards if your name appears on the registration papers of two vehicles.

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Image by Jakub Pabis on Unsplash: Anyone with a temporary or permanent disability can acquire an Alabama handicap placard or permit.

Lost or stolen Alabama handicap placard renewal online

If your handicap placard is stolen or lost, you can simply fill the renewal application and send it to the local county via email. This facility can be utilized a total of two times only. For a third replacement placard, you’ll need to file an official police report and submit a copy to the local DMV.

Displaying the handicap placard properly 

The state of Alabama advises drivers not to display the placard or permit when they are driving the car. It should only be put on display when the vehicle is left in a handicap parking spot. At that time, the ideal location to display the placard is to hang it from the rearview mirror. The handicap permit can be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Improper usage

Keep in mind that you’re only allowed to use your disability card or permit as long as you’re either driving or traveling as a passenger in the vehicle. If you are not in the car and someone else uses the placard, you will be in violation of the law, which may trigger legal proceedings. Always be careful, and never let someone else use your placard unless you’re in the vehicle.

Hopefully, you’re now fully up to date on disabled placard renewal in Alabama. If you’re in need of physician certification for your permit, check out the Dr. Handicap app today!

Featured image by Steve DiMatteo on Unsplash

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