A Guide To Disabled Parking In Missouri

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Thanks largely to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, disabled parking in Missouri – as in all other states – has become more accessible, more available, and more transparent. The Act protects all disabled people from discrimination, so when it comes to driving and parking, laws have been put in place to make these things easier for a disabled person to manage.

Wondering how to get a disabled parking permit in Missouri? Let’s first of all take a look at the qualifying conditions.

Missouri Handicap Parking Permit Qualifying Conditions

Qualifying conditions do vary from state to state, but the basis for most of them is pretty much the same, with some small differentiations. Missouri Law No 301.142.1 RSMo defines the following as qualifying conditions for Missouri State:

  • If a person cannot walk 50 feet without having to rest, due to a severe or disabling disorder
  • If a person cannot walk at all without assistance of some sort, such as a cane, crutch, walking stick, another person, or a wheelchair etc.
  • If a person suffers from a serious respiratory disorder (this is measurable, but the science of it is too complicated for non-medical people!)
  • If a person has to use portable oxygen in order to get about
  • If a person suffers from a cardiac condition classified as Class III or Class IV, as set by the American Heart Association
  • If a person is legally blind (clearly in this case, you would not be driving at all, but you can still apply for a disabled parking permit in Missouri for when you are the passenger in someone else’s car).
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Applying For Your Missouri Disabled Parking Permit

The best way to apply for a disabled parking permit in Missouri is to download the relevant form from your local DMV website. If this isn’t possible, then call into your local branch and they will assist you. There’s a section on the form that needs to be completed by a licensed medical physician. If you have an obvious and visible permanent disability, you may not have to complete this field.

If you do, don’t worry if you’re not currently registered with a doctor, or if you find it difficult to physically attend an appointment; you can do it with Dr Handicap online. We offer a friendly and relaxed service that can be carried out via a video link, so you don’t have to leave your house. We have licensed experts available in every state. Your expert will need access to your medical records, but as we are fully HIPAA compliant, there’s no need for concern over privacy.

There are several different types of Missouri disabled parking permit available; which one you qualify for depends on your own particular disability. To apply for a permanent permit, you must be a resident of Missouri. Non-Missouri State residents can apply for a temporary permit, providing they have what is seen as a temporary disability, such as a broken arm.

A Missouri handicap parking permit also comes in two different formats: special license plates or a portable placard that hangs from your rear-view mirror. The beauty of the latter, of course, is that you can use it in any car where you are either the driver or the passenger, provided it is clearly displayed once you’ve parked.

When your form is fully completed, you can submit it to any Missouri license office or mail it to the Motor Vehicle Bureau, PO Box 598, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0598. Then just sit back and wait for your Missouri handicap parking permit to arrive in the post!

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Using Your Disabled Parking Permit In Missouri

Once you’re in possession of your permit for disabled parking in Missouri, you will be able to park in any spot specially designated for handicap parking. These spaces are usually denoted by the use of the international wheelchair symbol. They are required to be wider than normal parking spaces, so you will have plenty of space around your car for getting in and out or if you need to load and unload a wheelchair. Disabled parking spots are also located close to the amenity or building the parking lot serves, making access easier for you.

You can use your disabled parking permit in Missouri in your own car or any car in which you are a passenger. If you have the license plates type of permit, designated disabled spots can only be used if you are either the driver or a passenger in the car. It’s against the law for anyone to lend out their Missouri disabled parking permit to others if they aren’t present.

Outside of designated spots within parking lots, your Missouri handicap parking permit allows you to park in any parking space marked with the international wheelchair symbol. You may also be allowed to park for free or for longer than the allowed time at parking meters, but this varies from town to town in Missouri, so be sure to check out the local rules where you are. Missouri State honors disabled parking permits from other states, and likewise, your Missouri disabled parking permit will often be recognized in other states you may be visiting.

Renewing Your Missouri Handicap Parking Permit

All disabled parking permits have an expiration date. You must renew yours before it expires to avoid a possible fine and/or having to go through the whole application process again. If you have a permanent permit, you will be sent a renewal reminder. Renewal can be done at your local DMV office. And finally, good news for Missouri residents: as of August 2018, you only need supply a new physician’s certificate for your disabled parking permit every eight years, as opposed to every four years.

Now you know all there is to know about disabled parking in Missouri, you’re all set to apply for and start using your permit!