A Guide To Disabled Parking In Maine

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The state of Maine sits in the northeastern corner of the United States. As the name suggests, the Pine Tree State is famous for its national parks and spectacular scenic beauty. Maine has a rugged, rocky coastline and a rich maritime history.

Maine has a relatively small population and its cities and towns are diminutive in size. Portland, the state’s largest city, has a population of fewer than 100,000 inhabitants. But what the city lacks in size it makes up for in logistical importance – the Port of Portland in New England’s largest tonnage seaport.

Maine has an excellent disabled parking program. All of the main areas of natural beauty, industry, as well as every one of the state’s urban areas, are well supplied with disabled parking spaces and facilities.

If you are living in Maine and have yet to avail of a Maine disabled parking permit, now is the time to take action. Here is everything you need to know about how to get a disabled parking permit in Maine.

What Types of Maine Disabled Parking Permit Are Available?

There are three types of Maine disabled parking permit. A blue placard is for people with a permanent disability. A red placard is for people with a temporary disability. A green placard is for organizations that transport disabled people.

Disability license plates are also available for people with permanent disabilities. Disabled Veterans plates are available for people whose disabilities are service-related.

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What are the Qualifying Conditions For Disabled Parking in Maine?

In order to qualify for a disabled parking permit in Maine, an applicant must be disabled in one of the following ways:

  • They cannot weak 200ft without needing to stop for rest due to a disability.
  • They cannot walk without the assistance of another person or an assistive device such as a crutch, wheelchair, brace, Zimmer frame, cane or prosthetic device.
  • They are restricted by lung disease to such an extent that their forced expiratory volume for one second, when measured by a spirometer, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60mm/hg on room air at rest.
  • They require the use of a portable oxygen tank.
  • They have a cardiac condition classified as level III or IV by the American Heart Association.
  • They have an orthopedic, arthritic or neurological condition.
  • They are recovering from childbirth.

What Medical Professionals Can Approve a Person For Disabled Parking in Maine?

Medical professionals who are qualified to approve a person to use disabled parking in Maine include a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse. Consultation with a qualified medical professional can be done online.

How Do You Apply For a Maine Handicap Parking Permit?

Once you have consulted with a qualified medical professional and they have filled in the appropriate section of the application form, you will need to complete the form and submit it to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles or your nearest Motor Vehicle Branch office.

How Do You Use a Maine Disabled Parking Permit?

A Maine handicap parking permit needs to be clearly visible hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle while it is parked. The placard must be removed from the rearview mirror when the vehicle is in motion.

A Maine disabled parking permit entitles its holder to park in any disabled parking space in the state. It also entitles its holder to park in any metered space for free and for a length of time less than twice the limit allowed to non-disabled drivers.

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Can an Out-of-State Driver Use Disabled Parking in Maine?

Disabled parking permits from all other states are valid in Maine and entitle their holders to full disabled parking rights in the state.

Do You Need to Renew Your Disabled Parking Permit in Maine?

A Maine disabled parking permit must be renewed when it expires. Temporary placards expire after six months, and permanent placards expire after four years. A disabled license plate needs to be renewed when the holder’s driver’s license or state identification card expires.

A new application form must be submitted to renew a permit. New medical verification is not required for the renewal of a permanent placard or plate, but it is required for the renewal of a temporary placard.

How Do You Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Maine Disabled Parking Permit?

If your Maine disabled parking permit is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can replace it by visiting your nearest Motor Vehicle Branch Office or contacting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The expiration date on the replacement permit will be the same on the old permit.

If you are a citizen of the diminutive but crucially important New England coastal state of Maine, now is the time to avail of your home state’s excellent disabled parking program. Getting yourself a Maine disabled parking permit will make getting around the Pine Tree State easy and hassle-free.