A Guide To Disabled Parking In Colorado

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Colorado is one of the most scenically diverse states in the U.S. The Centennial State contains arid desert plains, deep river canyons and, of course, a large chunk of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Colorado also has some great American cities in Denver and Boulder. Disabled parking in Colorado is well designed and widespread. Disabled drivers are very well catered to at all of the major scenic sites of interest and in every urban settlement in the state.

If you are a disabled driver in Colorado who has yet to get a handicap parking permit, now is the time to sort this out! Here’s how to get a disabled parking permit in Colorado.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For Disabled Parking in Colorado?

A Colorado handicap parking permit is available to a person who suffers from any of the following disabilities:

  • They cannot walk 200 feet without needing to stop for rest.
  • They cannot walk without the use of, or assistance from, a crutch, cane, brace, wheelchair, prosthetic device, other assistive device, or another person.
  • They are restricted by lung disease to such an extent that their forced respiratory expiratory volume for one second, when measured by spirometry is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty mm/hg on room air or at rest.
  • They require the use of an oxygen tank.
  • They have a cardiac condition that is classified as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association.
  • They have a lack of mobility caused by arthritis, a neurological condition or an orthopedic condition.

A person also qualifies for a Remuneration-Exempt Disability Parking Placard if their disability limits their fine motor control in both hands; their ability to reach a height of 48 inches above the ground; or their ability to reach or access a parking meter due to the use of a wheelchair or other ambulatory device.

What Types of Colorado Disabled Parking Permit Are Available?

There are several different types of Colorado disabled parking permit. Permanent, extended, temporary and short-term disabled placards are available. Permanent disabled license plates are also available. Disabled Veterans license plates are available for people whose disabilities are mainly service-related.

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How Do You Get Medical Certification For a Colorado Disabled Parking Permit?

The easiest way to get a Colorado disabled parking permit is to have a consultation with a suitable medical professional online. This can easily be done via the Dr. Handicap website. The types of medical professionals that qualify to give a person medical certification in Colorado are a licensed physician; a physician’s assistant; a podiatrist; an advanced practice nurse; a  chiropractor; or a physical therapist.

In Colorado, a physician, physician assistant, podiatrist, or advanced practice nurse authorized to practice professionally by another state that shares a common border with Colorado is also qualified to provide medical certification.

Once the consultation is done, the medical professional will sign a Department of Motor Vehicles application for disabled parking form and email it to the applicant to complete.

How To Apply For Disabled Parking In Colorado

Once the form has been completed by both the medical professional and the applicant, it must be submitted to your local Colorado Motor Vehicle Office.

How Do You Renew a Colorado Disabled Parking Permit?

A disabled parking permit in Colorado needs to be renewed after varying lengths of time, depending on the type of permit.

When a short-term or temporary permit is being renewed, new medical certification is required. When a permanent permit is being renewed no new medical certification is necessary.

Renewing a permit is done by submitting a renewal form to your local Colorado Motor Vehicle Office.

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How Do You Replace a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Disabled Parking Permit in Colorado?

A lost, damaged, or stolen Colorado handicap parking permit can be replaced with a new permit, with the same expiration date as the original, by surrendering the damaged permit (if possible) and applying for a replacement at your local Colorado Motor Vehicle Office.

How Do You Use A Colorado Handicap Parking Permit?

A Colorado disabled parking permit allows its holder to park in any disabled parking space in the state, and also to park in regular metered on-street spaces for free, and in most cases, with no time restriction.

Can Out-of-State Drivers Use Their Disabled Parking Permit in Colorado?

Disabled parking in Colorado is not only available to holders of a Colorado handicap parking permit. Drivers from all other states who own a disabled permit from their home state can avail of all of the same disabled parking privileges as a Colorado permit holder.

So that’s all you need to know about accessing disabled parking in Colorado! Whether you are visiting one of the state’s many scenic beauty spots or doing business in downtown Denver, availing of disabled parking in Colorado will make your days much easier.