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Have you been wondering “How do I get a disability parking permit in Florida?” If so, this post is for you. Below, we’ll go through the qualifying conditions and the application process for you to get your disabled parking permit online in Florida, so you can get started today!

Having a disabled parking permit is a game-changer for those who already struggle with driving and parking, as it assures you will have access to disabled parking spaces close to your destinations. You’ll no longer need to find a space big enough for your modified vehicle, or worry about having to walk long distances once parked. What’s more, it’s illegal for anybody else to use these spaces if they do not have a permit. Clearly there are many benefits of disabled parking for disabled drivers – but how do you get a Florida disabled parking permit?

Who qualifies for disabled parking in Florida?

If you’re a resident of Florida and suffer from one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions, you are eligible for a Florida disabled parking placard. The qualifying conditions that are generally accepted all over the US (and therefore in Florida) include the following:

  • Having severe lung disease, to the extent that your mobility is affected
  • Suffering from an extreme orthopedic, neurological or arthritic condition
  • Requiring a wheelchair, cane, brace or crutch for assistance when walking
  • Having severely impaired vision
  • A serious heart condition (Class III or Class IV of the American Heart Association standards)
  • Needing to use an oxygen tank
  • Being a disabled veteran with a disability caused by your military service (read more about applying for disabled veteran parking plates here)
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Image by Goumbik on Pixabay: Read on for more information on the online FL disabled parking permit!

There are several conditions not listed above that may still qualify you for disabled parking. Therefore, if you feel you would benefit from a disabled parking permit due to your medical condition, it’s important to have a consultation with a licensed Florida medical professional who can answer any questions you may have on the process. This can be done online via telemedicine with Dr Handicap, so you don’t even need to leave your home!

Get Your Disabled Parking Permit Online In Florida

In order to start legally using disabled parking spaces, you will need a disabled parking placard or plates. The state of Florida offers both temporary and permanent parking placards – temporary ones are valid for up to six months, while permanent ones require renewal after four years (even if your disability is lifelong). You can apply for a placard or plates for either type; just be aware that while permanent permits are free, temporary ones incur a small fee.

First things first – you must complete the medical consultation discussed above. Once you have done so, and a licensed physician has certified your medical condition, you have one year to apply (after this, you will need another medical certification).

First-time applications must be made in person at your local Florida tax collector’s office. You will need to fill out the Florida disabled parking permit form (Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit [Form HSMV 83039]) and submit this along with your medical certification and your state ID (as well as any payment, where relevant).

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Image by JayMantri on Pixabay: You can find the Florida disabled parking permit form online.

Using your Florida disabled parking permit

Once you have received your Florida disabled parking permit, you must ensure it is always clearly displayed when you park, by hanging it on the rearview mirror or displaying it on the dashboard so that the permit number is always visible. Please note that it is illegal to park in reserved disability parking without doing this – if you don’t comply, you may run into some trouble with the law.

It’s also unlawful to obstruct access to disabled parking spaces or access routes in any way, so ensure you park mindfully to prevent others having difficulty. Finally, you should never lend out your permit or have someone use it when you aren’t in the vehicle – it’s for your use only.

If you require any additional information on getting your Florida disabled parking permit, please contact us today!

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