If You Get Out Of Breath Easily, This Might Be Why

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There are many health issues that carry the symptoms of breathlessness, some more serious than others. If you find yourself running out of breath easily, it could be an indication of various illnesses such as bronchitis, tuberculosis or asthma, to name just a few. Here, we will talk about a few different conditions and possible ways to help make life slightly easier for you on a day to day basis in terms of different forms of treatment.

The common lung condition that is asthma affects around 25 million people in the U.S. which is about 8% of the population. It affects people of all ages and is caused when their breathing tubes become inflamed. Unfortunately it is currently incurable, although there are different treatments that can help with the symptoms so that it does not affect your daily life. It is also possible for children to grow out of asthma as they become adults but for others, it is a condition they must live with for the rest of their lives. The most common symptoms include breathlessness, coughing and tightness in the chest and certain things can trigger these symptoms such as pollen, air pollution and exercise. An inhaler is a device used to reduce the inflammation and symptoms of asthma. Avoiding asthma triggers is also advisable but when this is not possible it is always a good idea to carry an inhaler with you, which can also be of great help if an asthma attack ever occurs.

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If you get out of breath easily, don't despair - there are many ways in which you can improve this condition, the majority of them related to free exercise!

Obesity is another reason people may run out of breathe easily. It is the term used to describe someone who is extremely overweight with a lot of body fat. Body mass index is typically used to determine whether somebody’s weight is healthy or not. Height and weight is measured and a score of 30 – 39.9 using the BMI calculator means you could be obese. Other signs of obesity include joint pain, difficulty performing physical tasks or exercise and feelings of tiredness. Shortness of breath is caused by extra weight put on the chest and abdomen area which in turn increases the work that breathing muscles have to do. Losing weight can improve lung function as well as reduce the chances of other health concerns such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Heart failure is serious disease and it affects around 6 million Americans. It does not mean that the heart has stopped working but that it is weaker than normal at pumping blood around the body. Being out of breath is a common symptom and this is because of congestion and fluid accumulating in the lungs. There are various ways to treat heart failure for example, eating healthier, cutting down on smoking or alcohol consumption and regular exercise.

Lung cancer is another illness that carries the symptom of breathlessness. This distressing symptom occurs more in the advanced stages of lung cancer and can be difficult to treat. Surgery and other types of therapy such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy are normally the treatment people go through.

Overall, if you find yourself getting out of breath easily, there are different possible reasons and the best way to find out the exact cause is to visit your doctor. If it is difficult for you to get to your doctor, the growing telemedicine industry could be of help. This is a new concept in which healthcare services can be delivered remotely and is convenient for patients who cannot travel and for health professionals to diagnose and treat people without having to see them in person.

If you are able to travel but have trouble walking a certain distance without getting out of breath, being in pain or stopping for a rest, there is also the option of a disabled parking permit so that you can get a parking spot closer to the entrance of wherever you need to be. Each state has its own criteria and process so it is advisable to check online your eligibility on obtaining a parking permit.

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In general, there are many ways to possibly help with symptoms of breathlessness but this depends on the cause and how severe the illness is. If you are overweight, it could be as simple as changing certain habits such as quitting cigarettes and starting a healthier lifestyle. Doing regular exercise, whether in a sport or just walking instead of taking the bus can help with weight loss. which can improve lung function. Consuming fewer calories on a daily basis is also key to weight loss and eating real nutrient dense foods such as fruits and vegetables can result better wellbeing physically and mentally. On the other hand, if you are out of breath due to an illness such as asthma or lung cancer, it is advisable to speak to a medical professional for advice on the best treatment to take.