How Disabled Parking Permits Can Help Senior Citizens With Disabilities

Dr Handicap - senior citizen

Senior citizens often find that their worlds get a little smaller as they age. If they have a disability, this feeling can be even stronger. It can become harder for them to get out into the world because transportation and walking around can be more challenging. This can lead seniors to isolate more, spend less time doing social activities with friends and family, and feel an overall lack of interest in life. So, it can be imperative that senior citizens with disabilities are able to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

One of the ways they can achieve this is by getting a handicap parking permit. This permit can help seniors tackle life’s challenges in a much easier way. Having a handicap placard gives seniors tons of advantages when finding a place to park. With a placard, they can park in any designated places with the wheelchair symbol near the entrance of an establishment. There are also blue curbs that accommodate people with disabilities. When there are green curbs, people with handicap placards can park for any length of time (even if there’s a time limit posted). Handicap permit holders can even park for free anywhere there are parking meters!

If you want to know more about how disabled parking permits can help senior citizens with disabilities, here’s a look at some of the main benefits of getting a permit.

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Image by sabinevanerp on Pixabay: There are so many benefits for a senior handicap parking permit holder, including being able to get around more easily.

Get around more easily

When seniors obtain a handicap parking placard, they’ll have better access to retail locations, businesses, offices, etc. By snagging a close parking place, seniors don’t have to worry about walking long distances just to get to their destination. This can make being out and about much easier. As long as seniors can demonstrate to their doctor that they’re unable to walk long distances without needing to rest or without an assistive device (like a cane, wheelchair, or scooter), they’ll be able to qualify for a handicap parking permit.

Many seniors have conditions that limit their mobility, such as cardiac conditions, arthritis, and respiratory issues. These illnesses mean that walking can be difficult or impossible. With a handicap parking permit, they’ll be able to head outside their home with the reassurance that they can conserve their energy and park in a close parking spot wherever they’re going.

Drive to appointments or other outings

When senior citizens are on the younger side, they can still be great drivers. However, if walking is challenging, they might feel it’s necessary to let other people do the driving. But with a handicap parking permit, seniors can be more capable of transporting themselves to appointments or events. The permit ensures they won’t have difficulty finding a close parking place or getting to and from their car and the destination.

Have more independence

A handicap parking permit can make seniors feel more capable of being out in the world. If they’re more driven to get out and accomplish their goals, they’ll have a renewed sense of independence that can sometimes be lost in the elderly. Having more autonomy means seniors can rely less on family and friends, as well as being more confident in themselves. By being able to park closer, they won’t have to feel like their life is defined by their disability or by their age. More independence can often equal a continued zest for life.

Dr. Handicap - elderly couple

Image by pasja1000 on Pixabay: Having a disabled parking permit can bring senior citizens a newfound sense of adventure and independence.

Broaden the world

When seniors have access to priority parking places, they can feel more equipped to handle a variety of outings. This helps decrease any limits they’ve placed on themselves – whether it’s where they do their grocery shopping or where they meet up with friends. The increase in independence one and growing of boundaries can be demonstrated in a variety of ways: anything from trying out a new restaurant to taking on a new hobby. With a senior handicap parking permit, they’ll no longer be limited to whatever was most convenient in order to accommodate their disability.

Travel more

Having a disabled parking permit means that seniors will always know they have a parking place available to them that will help them conserve their energy. Because of this safety net, seniors may feel like they have the ability to travel more. Disabled parking permits can be transferred to any vehicle; so as long as the disabled person is present, the placard can be used. This means that the senior can take their handicap placard with them if they wish to travel. New travel experiences can also result in renewed independence and a broadened sense of the world.

So that’s how disabled parking permits can help senior citizens with disabilities! Permit holders are no longer limited by their disability. Instead, they can use the placard to improve their quality of life immensely – no more feeling confined to the house. A handicap parking permit can mean a happier and more capable senior!

Featured image by stevepb on Pixabay