Does My Disabled Parking Permit Expire?

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Millions of Americans rely on a disabled parking permit to make their life easier, less stressful, and more manageable. People who suffer from myriad types of disability, both physical and psychological, benefit greatly from the country’s extensive handicap parking infrastructure.

Disabled parking facilities open up our towns and cities to people with disabilities, enabling them to use amenities and visit locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. This enormously improves the quality of life of everybody in society.

If you are one of the millions of Americans that use a disabled parking permit, you undoubtedly appreciate the massive value the use of handicap parking brings. And as a permit-holder, you may be wondering… Is my disabled parking permit valid forever, or does it expire? And if my disabled parking permit does expire, when does this occur, and how do I go about reapplying for a new permit?

In this article, we will look into this important topic and answer all of the main questions regarding disabled parking permit expiration conditions and reapplication processes.

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Do All Types of Disabled Parking Permit Expire?

The short answer to this question is yes. All types of disabled parking permit expire. But depending on the type of permit, they expire after different amounts of time, in different ways, and they also require different reapplication processes.

Different Types of Disabled Parking Permit

The length of time a disabled parking permit will remain valid before expiration varies depending on the type of permit. There is a variety of different types available, and some states have a wider variety of available permits than others.

The different types of permits available are: long-term, permanent, temporary, Disabled Veterans, and organizational. Long-term, permanent, Disabled Veterans and organizational are available as both placards and license plates. Temporary permits are only available in placard form.

In most states, temporary placards expire after between four and 12 months, the average being six months.

Long-term and permanent permits are very similar. Both have expiration dates. What makes a permanent disabled parking permit “permanent” in the vast majority of states is the fact that, although it expires after a certain period of time, the reapplication form does not need to be filled in by a medical professional. So while the holder has been verified as “permanently” disabled, the permanent placard or plate is not itself permanent.

Disabled Veteran and organizational permits are available in “permanent” versions in the majority of states, but also expire and need to be renewed after varying durations of time, depending on the state.

Disabled Parking Permit Differences State By State

When and how a handicap parking permit expires varies state by state. Each American state has its own unique disabled parking program. The good news is that the core fundamental details of every state’s program are very similar.

There are some important differences between each different state’s disabled parking program. A key difference is that the list of qualifying disabilities is not identical in every state. The application requirements, including what type of medical professional can verify an applicant, also differ slightly state by state. When and how a handicap parking permit expires also differs somewhat by state.

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How Long Does a Handicap Parking Permit Last?

In the vast majority of states, temporary permits expire within 12 months and permanent permits expire within two to five years. Another difference between states is the way in which a permit-holder is informed of when their permit will expire. Many states contact the holder when their permit’s expiration date is upcoming, while other states give the holder a date and require that they remember the date themselves.

Another crucial difference between states is that they require different reapplication processes.

How to Reapply For a Disabled Parking Permit

Many disabled parking permit users will need to reapply for a new permit after theirs expires.

Even permanent plates and placards expire and require renewal every few years. As mentioned before, what makes a permanent permit “permanent” in most states is the fact that the holder does not need to be re-verified as disabled by a medical professional in order to reapply. However, in a minority of states, even a permanent placard or plate holder will need a new medical professional’s letter each time they renew their permit. This consultation can usually be done either in person or using telemedicine.

Once a handicap parking permit expires, a new application form will need to be completed (with medical professional verification or not, depending on the state) and sent to the local Department of Motor Vehicles Office or Tax Collector’s Office, along with any necessary fees or proof of identity.

A similar process is required in order to replace a stolen, lost or damaged placard or plate. Usually, proof of the placard or plate being stolen, lost or damaged will also be required. This can take the form of a photograph or police incident report.

Make sure you know when your disabled parking permit expires and how to get a new one, and you won’t get caught out with an invalid permit!