A Guide To Disabled Parking In Oregon

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All handicap drivers should know that the rules governing disabled parking differs from state to state. When it comes to one of the most scenic and prettiest states the West Coast has to offer, disabled parking in Oregon is relatively easy. From the capital of Portland, to the more rural towns of Baker City and Astoria, the Oregon DMV has laid out guidelines and laws to help make its disabled citizens’ lives easier.

If you live in this state but have yet to apply for your Oregon disabled parking permit, what are you waiting for? The process is very simple, probably more simple than you think. It can also be done from the comfort and safety of your own home, by going online. So don’t waste any time! Apply for disabled parking in Oregon as soon as possible, and start making your life significantly easier.

What Different Types of Oregon Disabled Parking Permits Are Available?

A disabled parking permit in Oregon comes in four different forms. The first is a renewable permit, which is dark blue. The second is temporary, in red. The third is a wheelchair user permit, which comes in medium blue; and lastly, the Oregon Wounded Warrior Permit, which is specifically intended for veterans. To avail of the first three types of permits for disabled parking in Oregon, an applicant needs a valid Oregon driver’s license or ID card, and a doctor’s signature on the application. A doctor also needs to certify that you have a need for the permit. In the case of the Wounded Warriors permit, an applicant must also present a letter from the Veterans’ Administration indicating 50% or greater service connected disability, and possess a discharge status other than dishonorable.

Dr. Handicap - Disabled Parking Space

Image by arembowski on Pixabay: If you’re having trouble walking, getting a handicap parking permit can make your life a lot easier.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions for Disabled Parking in Oregon?

Each state has different qualifying conditions relating to who is eligible to apply for a handicap parking permit. In Oregon, this is defined by “a disabled individual”, as outlined by the Oregon Revised Statuses (ORS) in the State Legislature. These include the categories of disabilities listed below.

  • A person who has severely limited mobility because of paralysis or the loss of use of some or all of the person’s legs or arms;
  •  A person who is affected by loss of vision or substantial loss of visual acuity or visual field beyond correction; or
  • A person who has any other disability that prevents the person from walking without the use of an assistive device or that causes the person to be unable to walk more than 200 feet, including but not necessarily limited to:
    • Chronic heart condition
    • Emphysema
    • Arthritis
    • Rheumatism
    • Ulcerative colitis or related chronic bowel disorder.

As you can see, these are quite broad categories, ensuring that anyone who needs to legitimately avail of an Oregon disabled parking permit can do so easily.

How Do You Get the Necessary Medical Certificate for Disabled Parking in Oregon?

The easiest way to apply for an Oregon handicap parking permit is through an online facilitator like Dr. Handicap. You will have a brief online consultation with one of the certified professionals from your state; after that, you’ll receive your DMV form, completed, signed, and emailed to you. Bear in mind that you, the applicant, will have to fill out other elements on the form relating to your personal information. Don’t worry, though: the form is brief and not invasive.

How Do You Use Your Disabled Parking Permit in Oregon?

All traditional permits have to be renewed. The expiration date is handily the same as the one on your driver’s licence or ID card, meaning that you can renew them simultaneously. If you’re issued a temporary permit, these cannot be renewed. If you still require a permit when it expires, you will have to apply for a new one from scratch. You need to renew the permits in Oregon, and if you’re permanently moving out of state, you must return your permit to the DMV by mail. If you’re simply traveling to other states, then your Oregon handicap parking permit will be legal anywhere you visit.

Dr. Handicap - Rural Oregon

Image by 12019 on Pixabay: An Oregon handicap parking permit can be used anywhere in the state.

Renewable and Temporary permits allow the holder to park in a public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes, and allow parking in any space reserved for disabled parking in Oregon, except for “wheelchair user only” spaces. The Wheelchair User permit allows parking in a public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes without paying the parking meter fee; parking in a public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes without being charged overtime penalties; and parking in any space reserved for disabled parking.

The Wounded Warriors permit is a mixture of the two, and allows parking in a public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes without paying the parking meter fee, and parking in a public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes without being charged overtime penalties.

You can’t use a permit where parking is permitted for 30 seconds or less; no parking is allowed full time; and no parking is permitted in the late evening or overnight, or where parking is reserved for special types of vehicles. When parking, you should hang your permit from the rear view mirror, where it can be plainly seen. If your vehicle has no rearview mirror, you should place it prominently on the dashboard.

Keep these simple rules in mind, and make your life easier by applying for an Oregon disabled parking permit today!

Featured image by 12019 on Pixabay