A Guide To Disabled Parking In Ohio

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Disabled parking in Ohio is one of the nation’s most well-organized and efficient disabled parking programs. An Ohio disabled parking permit will allow its holder to get around the Buckeye State safely and easily.

All areas of Ohio – from its biggest cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, to its more remote regions of natural beauty such as the state parks at Lake Erie and Hocking Hills – are well catered to by the state’s disabled parking program.

If you are a resident of Ohio and you have yet to get your Ohio handicap parking permit, now is the time to take action. Getting your Ohio disabled parking permit is a very easy process that can be done online from the comfort of your own home.

Owning a permit and availing of disabled parking in Ohio will certainly make your life easier… So what are you waiting for?! Read on to learn how to get a disabled parking permit in Ohio.

Image by HansJuergen on Pixabay: Columbus, Ohio has plenty of disabled parking facilities.

What Different Types Of Ohio Disabled Parking Permits Are Available?

Permits for disabled parking in Ohio come in several types: a temporary placard (red), a permanent placard (blue), and a placard for any organization transporting disabled people.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For Disabled Parking In Ohio?

You will be entitled to an Ohio handicap parking permit if you are disabled due to one of the following reasons:

  • You cannot walk more than 200 feet without having to stop to rest.
  • You cannot walk without the aid of an assistive device such as a brace, crutch, cane, wheelchair, prosthetic device or another person.
  • You have a lung disease to such an extent that your forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for 1 second, when measured by spirometry, is less than 1 liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 millimeters of mercury on room air at rest.
  • You need to use a portable oxygen tank.
  • You have a heart condition classified as Class III or Class IV by the American Heart Association.
  • You have an arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition.
  • You are blind, legally blind, or severely visually impaired.

What Medical Professionals Are Qualified To Recommend An Ohio Disabled Parking Permit?

To get a disabled parking permit in Ohio you must be verified by a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice nurse, or chiropractor registered in the state.

Image by Shutterbug75 on Pixabay: Read on to learn how to get an Ohio disabled parking permit!

How Do You Apply For Disabled Parking In Ohio?

The first step towards getting a disabled parking permit in Ohio is to consult with a state-registered medical professional. The easiest way to do this is online at Dr. Handicap. Once you’ve completed your online consultation, the doctor will complete the appropriate section of the application form. You, as the applicant, will also need to fill in sections of the form.

Once the form is completed it should be submitted, along with a fee of $3.50 per placard (payable to Ohio Treasurer of State), to any local Deputy Registrar agency or mailed to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles,
Attn: Registration,
Remittance Processing Section,
P.O. Box 16521,
OH 43216-6521

The application will be processed in 10–15 business days.

Do You Need To Renew Your Ohio Handicap Parking Permit?

Every Ohio disabled parking permit will need to be renewed. The examining medical professional must state on the original application form how long the permit is necessary. They must state an expiry date for the placard that falls within five years of the permit being issued.

Placards can be renewed by consulting with a medical professional again and submitting a new application form 60 days before the original permit is due to expire.

How To Use Your Ohio Handicap Parking Permit

Your Ohio disabled parking placard must be clearly displayed on the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked. When the vehicle is in motion, the placard must be safely stowed in a place that does not obscure the driver’s vision.

Holders of an Ohio handicap parking placard can park in any designated disabled parking space in the state. They are not entitled to park in the striped section next to disabled parking spaces.

In some jurisdictions, disabled permit holders are allowed to park in metered on-street space for free and for extended periods of time.

Can Out-of-State Disabled Permits Be Used In Ohio?

Disabled parking permits from all other American states are valid in Ohio. Visitors to the state who hold permits from any other state can avail of all of the same privileges for disabled parking in Ohio as any local disabled permit holder.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about getting a disabled parking permit in Ohio. Whether you are running errands in Cleveland or enjoying the views at Lake Erie State Park, having an Ohio disabled parking permit will make getting around Ohio as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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