A Guide To Disabled Parking In New York

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New York State contains not only the world’s most iconic city, but also plenty of truly spectacular natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the vast Adirondack Park. With so much to see and do packed into this relatively small state, it’s a good thing that the program for disabled parking in New York is one of the nation’s best.

A New York disabled parking permit entitles its holder to use the extensive disabled parking facilities that exist throughout the Empire State. A disabled parking permit in New York ensures easy access to the state’s almost infinite attractions, from the restaurants and bars of the Big Apple to the sights of natural beauty that dominate New York’s wild, remote heartlands.

Wondering how to get a disabled parking permit in New York? It couldn’t be easier. The application process is extremely user-friendly and the vast majority of the heavy lifting can be done online from the comfort of your own home.

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Image by David Mark on Pixabay: New York is home to the famous city of NYC, as well as natural attractions like Niagara Falls.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For Disabled Parking In New York?

The list of qualifying medical conditions for disabled parking in New York is long and inclusive. Medical professionals in New York are given more discretion when it comes to prescribing disabled parking than medical professionals in most other states.

To be considered permanently disabled in New York the applicant must be disabled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They use a portable oxygen tank
  • They are legally blind
  • They have limited or no use of one or both legs
  • They are not able to walk 200 ft without stopping
  • They have a neuromuscular dysfunction
  • They have a Class III or IV cardiac condition
  • They have an orthopedic, arthritic, or neurological condition
  • They have a lung disease
  • They have a physical or mental impairment that is not listed but that constitutes an equal degree of disability and hardship

To be considered temporarily disabled, the applicant must have any condition that means that they cannot walk without the aid of an assistive device such as a wheelchair, cane, crutch, walker, brace, prosthetic device, or another person.

What Different Types Of New York Disabled Parking Permit Are Available?

The four available types of disabled parking in New York permits are:

  • A temporary placard
  • A permanent placard
  • A license plate
  • A Disabled Veterans license plate

What Medical Professionals Can Write A New York Handicap Parking Permit Application?

If you are applying for permanent disabled parking in New York, you will need to consult with a Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, or Optometrist.

If you are applying for a temporary disabled parking placard in New York, you will need to consult with either a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Osteopathy.

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Image by Pexels on Pixabay: There are several types of medical professionals that can determine whether you qualify for a New York disabled parking permit.

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In New York

The first step to applying for your New York disabled parking permit is to consult with a medical professional. This is most easily done online, through Dr. Handicap.

Once the application form has been completed by the applicant and medical professional, it should be submitted to the correct authorities. Which authorities you submit your application to will depend on what area of New York state you live in. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue disabled permits in the state.

If you reside in New York City you must submit your application to:

NYC Department of Transportation, Permits and Customer Service,
30-30 Thomson Avenue, 2nd Floor,
Long Island City,
NY 11101-3045

If you reside in Nassau County you must submit to the Nassau County Office of the Physically Challenged. All other New York state residents need to contact their local city, town, or village hall to find out where their nearest issuing agent is.

You can get disabled plates from any Motor Vehicles office at a cost of $25.

Do You Need To Renew A Disabled Parking Permit In New York?

You will need to renew your disabled parking permit in New York. All permits have an expiration date. When your permit’s expiration date is approaching, you will need to reapply to your local authorities to get a new permit.

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Can Permit Holders From Other States Use Disabled Parking In New York?

Holders of a disabled parking permit from any other state can use their permit in New York and avail of all elements of the state’s disabled parking program.

How Do You Use Your New York Handicap Parking Permit?

Your New York handicap parking permit entitles you to park in any designated disabled space in the state. You are not entitled to park in the striped access aisles next to disabled parking spaces. Permits should be hung from the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked, and safely stowed away when the vehicle is in motion.

New York City does not have on-street disabled parking spaces. However, the NYC Department of Transportation issues a city permit along with your placard that will allow you to park in metered spaces without charge or in certain curbside spaces in which non-permit holders are not allowed to park.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about how to get a disabled parking permit in New York. If you are a New York resident who has yet to apply for a disabled parking permit, now is the time to take action. Owning a New York handicap parking permit will make exploring your wonderful home state, from the thrilling boulevards of NYC to the beautiful banks of Niagara Falls, easier and more hassle-free.

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