Can’t Get To The Doctor’s Office? Your Physician Could Be A Phone Call Away

When you are struggling with an illness or physical condition that makes mobility difficult, getting out and about – including to the doctor’s office – can often be a major challenge.

People who suffer with heart disease, obesity, respiratory problems such as lung disease or emphysema, chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, very poor eyesight or hearing, have had a limb amputated or use a wheelchair for some other reason will struggle to get around, do their essential errands, live a normal life, and partake in the perks that society offers such as eating out, going to the mall, or even attending church.

Essentially, life can be a hell of a lot more complicated and limited when you are ill.

Dr Handicap - man-on-crutches

If you have a physical condition that makes mobility difficult, a handicap parking permit can makes things much easier.

But if you are living your life under the weight of one of these medical conditions there are certainly ways to improve your lot. One way to make your situation better is to get your hands on a disabled parking permit.

A glorious and gleaming handicap parking permit sitting pride of place against the inside of your front windscreen will allow you to park in special parking spaces that are as near to the entrance to public buildings, doctor’s offices, hospitals, malls, movie theatres, churches and even stadiums as possible. These special spaces make access to buildings, locations and amenities much easier. They are a real godsend for folks that could do with a little extra helping hand.

In most states it is the Department of Motor Vehicles that gives out disabled parking permits. And in most states you need to provide the DMV with a letter from a doctor or other registered healthcare professional such as a nurse, optometrist, or physician’s assistant stating that you require a handicapped parking permit. (Some states are stricter on their qualifying criteria than others, so it would pay to check out the specific situation in your state.)

But if you are very immobile due to your condition, getting to the doctor’s office so they can verify your medical condition can be a very difficult, or maybe even downright impossible task.

You need to get a doctor’s note to the DMV (either in person or by post – you can usually download the DMV application form and then post it back along with the doctor’s note) in order to get your parking permit.

If you are very immobile, doing everything you need to do to get a disabled parking permit can be almost impossible to do without already having a handicapped parking permit, meaning that you’re stuck in a catch 22!

So, in the vast majority of states, if you don’t have a handicap parking permit, but you need to get one and your condition is severe, getting one can be a major chore!

OK, so what are your options?

You could always get a friend or family member to help you out by giving you a lift to the doctor’s office. But unfortunately for many people out there, this is not always an option. Some people have no remaining family, or they just live in a secluded part of the country.

You could call a cab, but again, this won’t work for everybody. Taxi fares can be very expensive, especially for people who live in remote areas.

You could take a risk and park in a disabled spot without a permit. But this could easily backfire and leave you in a major pickle – with a hefty fine, or even no vehicle to get home in! It doesn’t seem worth the risk.

Another option is to do the whole thing online. You can get a full online medical examination with a licenced health practitioner. If they decide that you qualify for a disabled driving permit they will provide you with the letter of recommendation that you need in order for the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue you with a new handicap driving permit.

This simple solution cuts out the need to travel anywhere to get your full disabled parking permit. You can do it all (apart from posting it back, which can be done from your car seat if you can drive close enough to the postbox!) from the comfort of your own home.

So if you are suffering from a debilitating condition that makes getting to the doctor’s office for your disabled parking permit application a major struggle, this could well be the answer to your prayers.

Contact Dr Handicap for more details. Easy access to the mall, government buildings, restaurants, movie theatres, churches, and even outdoor amenities like beaches and parks, could be just a few clicks away!