Can I Use My Disabled Parking Permit In Mexico?

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As a disabled parking permit owner, you’re probably well aware of the many benefits your placard affords you. It makes sense that you’d want to retain the increased accessibility and added convenience of your placard when you travel as well. Unfortunately, the disabled parking laws are often not quite as clear-cut when you travel outside the U.S. So, keep reading as we answer the question, “Can I use my disabled parking permit in Mexico?”

Does Mexico have disabled parking permits?

The answer to this question varies quite a lot, depending on what areas of Mexico you’re looking at. Some Mexican citizens do have permits, and some of the bigger cities have designated handicap parking places (i.e. those marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility or the wheelchair symbol). Mexico allows disabled individuals – as well as other classes of people such as elderly individuals over age 60 and pregnant women – to take advantage of these parking spots.

However, in more rural areas of Mexico, you’re a lot less likely to find these types of parking places (or parking in general). There’s also a significant difference in how businesses run their parking lots in Mexico versus the U.S.; it’s rumored that you can be permitted to park in a handicap parking place in Mexico by simply tipping extra pesos to parking lot attendants.

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Image by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash: Some bigger cities do have wheelchair-accessible parking spaces.

Is my disabled parking permit valid in Mexico?

As a U.S. citizen, you have the comfort of knowing that you can always use your handicap parking permit throughout the country. However, the story can be quite different once you leave the U.S. In Mexico, there are some cities that will acknowledge your U.S. handicap placard and allow you to park in designated spots in order to accommodate your disability. These are generally areas where they get a lot of American tourists, such as Baja or Mexico City. But there’s always a chance that the business where you park won’t officially recognize your placard; in this case, there’s the chance you will be ticketed and perhaps have to pay a fine, or even have your vehicle towed.

Your best bet is to research the cities you’ll be visiting in Mexico before you leave for your trip. If you’re unsure how to figure out the disability accommodations in certain areas of Mexico, it can be helpful to consult with a travel agent. They’ll have a better idea of which city officials to ask for more information regarding specific disabled parking regulations throughout Mexico. You also have the option of requesting assistance from the hotels you’ll be staying at; they’ll likely be knowledgeable about whether your handicap placard will be accepted in that area.

What do disabled parking permit holders need to know when traveling to and around Mexico?

Traveling with disabilities in Mexico does require you to do some research beforehand. You’ll need to get clarification on whether your handicap placard will be accepted in the areas you’re traveling to. In addition, you should make sure all your accommodations will work with the specific limitations you might have. For example, it’s crucial to know the exact layout of your hotel so that you can determine if it’s accessible for you or not; accommodations without elevators and no wheelchair-accessible rooms might be out of the question for a lot of people.

In addition, it might be helpful to research some of the tours, historical sights, and restaurants you’re planning on visiting. Although some areas of Mexico have worked to become more handicap-accessible in recent years, there are still lots of places that might be difficult for you to get around. Learning about the places you’ll be visiting ahead of time could give you more insight into whether they have accessible parking, bathrooms, ramps, etc. before you arrive.

One way to find out more about the places you want to see is to visit their websites or email them with any concerns you might have. Most places will be more than happy to help you figure out how to make your trip manageable. Please note: more rural or less populated areas of Mexico are much less likely to have accessible parking spaces or ramps. Traveling through these towns might be more challenging, but it’s not completely out of the question for some folks.

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Image by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash: Research the places you’ll be visiting ahead of time to learn if they’re accessible enough for you.

So, can you use your disabled parking permit in another country? That depends entirely on where you’re traveling to. Make sure to do plenty of research ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to reach out to ask for clarification or access to additional resources. Most countries are happy to have the business of tourists and will likely do their best to assist you.

Bottom line: don’t assume your placard will work everywhere you go. Read signs (if you can) and if you’re not sure whether your placard will be accepted, ask. It’s always better to check than to be on the wrong side of the law. Most of the time, you’ll find that people will want to help make your trip a good one!

Featured image by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash