4 Qualifying Conditions For A Disabled Parking Permit (Video)

Are you thinking of applying for a disabled parking permit but don’t know if you qualify?

According to the Disabilities Statistics annual report, around 13% of Americans are classified as having a disability.

That’s just over one in 10 of the population.

Qualifying conditions for disabled parking permits vary slightly from state to state, however, there are some symptoms that are generally accepted across the board.

If you are:

– Unable to walk a set number of feet without stopping to rest

– Are considered to be legally blind (visual acuity of 20/200 or less with the use of corrective lenses)

– Require the use of a cane, crutch, brace, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or the assistance of another person

– Require the use of a portable oxygen mask to walk

Then you will qualify for a disabled parking permit

To see if you qualify for a disabled parking permit, apply for an evaluation with one of our doctors today!