4 Best Disabled Parking Apps

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Technological innovation is making it easier for disabled drivers to get around in 2020 than ever before. Modern technology is improving at an exponential rate and disabled drivers are benefitting a lot from this torrent of tech innovation. Modern vehicles are far safer and easier to operate than vehicles from the past. Each state’s disabled parking program is more efficient, well-organized and user-friendly than ever thanks to integrated computer systems. And smartphones are now more powerful than was even imaginable a few short years ago.

This galaxy of computing power stored in your tiny smartphone means that in 2020, there is a number of extremely impressive smartphone apps that are genuinely changing the lives of disabled drivers. If you’ve been wondering “Are there any disabled parking apps?”, the answer is yes! The best disabled parking apps help disabled drivers to navigate cities, find the nearest disabled parking spaces, locate disabled access restrooms, report improper use of disabled parking spaces, and share information about locations and facilities with other disabled drivers all over the world. A disabled driver’s smartphone can now operate as a control center and toolkit that makes getting around easier than ever before.

Below, we’ll discuss four of the best apps for disabled parking permit holders in 2020.

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Image by Yura Fresh on Unsplash: What are the best apps for disabled parking permit holders?

1. Blue Badge Parking

Blue Badge Parking is a brilliantly designed and incredibly convenient app that allows its user to pinpoint their nearest disabled parking spaces, anywhere on Earth. Wherever a disabled driver may be, they can open the app and it will show them exactly where the disabled parking spaces are in their vicinity. By clicking on a disabled space, the user can choose to receive detailed directions to that space.

They can also see a street-view photo of any space and edit the description of spaces they use regularly for easy remembering. Blue Badge Parking is a straightforward and very well-designed app that is really improving the lives of disabled drivers in 2020.

Blue Badge Parking is available at App Store and Google Play.

2. Parking Mobility

Accessibility to the limited number of designated disabled spaces is absolutely crucial for disabled drivers. So when drivers who are not disabled use disabled spaces, people can end up being massively inconvenienced, at the very least. Parking Mobility is a free app operated by a non-profit group of disabled drivers. The app recruits volunteers from the public to be the eyes and ears on the ground, making sure that disabled parking spaces are not being illegally used by non-disabled drivers.

Parking Mobility allows its users to photograph cars that are illegally parked in disabled spaces. The drivers of these cars are then contacted by local government and given the option to complete the Parking Education course in lieu of another punishment for their parking violation. The Parking Mobility app is one of the best disabled parking apps around, and does disabled drivers a great service: creating a community of passionate volunteers, keeping disabled spaces clear, and educating the public.

Parking Mobility is available at App Store and Google Play.

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Image by cuncon on Pixabay: Wondering how to find disabled parking online? Check out some of these disabled parking apps!

3. WheelMate

While not technically under the definition of ‘disabled parking apps’, WheelMate is a very useful app for disabled drivers! It allows users to find wheelchair-access restrooms in their vicinity. The app also pinpoints the nearest wheelchair-friendly parking spaces.

WheelMate works in 45 countries across the world. The interactive app is updated by its users, so new wheelchair-friendly restrooms and parking spaces are being added to the database all the time. The app currently has 35,000 locations and counting. You can help other users to find the most suitable facilities and locations by giving each site you visit a rating.

WheelMate is available at App Store and Google Play.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps is the world’s most popular map app. It might not come to mind when you first think about how to find disabled parking online, but it is actually a source of lots of helpful information for disabled drivers. Users can update information about any location, informing all other users about wheelchair-accessible parking, as well as wheelchair-accessible entrances, elevators, and seating.

By tapping the “Your Contributions” tab on Google Maps and then going into “Uncover Missing Info”, you can fill in crucial accessibility information for any place you have visited that is still missing this info. Lots of disabled drivers are updating Google Maps’ accessibility info all the time and this is creating a vast database of invaluable info for disabled people all over the world.

These four disabled parking apps are helping disabled drivers massively, making their lives easier in myriad ways. Modern technology is ever-evolving and, while these apps are very impressive in their own right, they are surely only the tip of the iceberg. It will be super exciting to see what will come next. Surely this time next year, there will be several more groundbreaking disabled parking apps to discuss. Watch this space!

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