A Guide To Disabled Parking In Massachusetts

Dr Handicap - Massachusetts

30 Dec

A Guide To Disabled Parking In Massachusetts

There's plenty of disabled parking in Massachusetts for your convenience. Wondering how to get a disabled parking permit in Massachusetts? Read on for all you need to know.

Posted by: Erin Konrad 30 December 2019

Dr Handicap - electric car

26 Dec

4 Best Electric Cars For Disabled Drivers

Being a disabled driver doesn’t mean you can’t be on the cutting edge of technology. Here's a roundup of the best electric cars for disabled drivers.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 26 December 2019

Dr Handicap - flat tire

23 Dec

What To Do If You Get A Flat Tire In The Snow

How to change a tire in winter is something that all drivers need to know, especially disabled parking permit holders. Here's what to do if you get a flat tire in snow.

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 23 December 2019

Dr Handicap - self driving car

20 Dec

Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Disabled Parking Permit Holders?

With technology increasing at a rampant speed these days, it’s no wonder there are questions and concerns about what that means for the future of many things, including the concept of self-driving cars for disabled drivers. Let's dive into all we need to know about handicap drivers and self-driving cars.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 20 December 2019