How to Start Running as a Beginner

Dr Handicap - man running

28 Apr

How to Start Running as a Beginner

It can be difficult to know how to start running as a beginner. When you are used to seeing people on social media who can knock out a 20-mile run without thinking about it, it’s super intimidating to take the plunge and start running – but the truth is that everyone has to start somewhere, and even the laziest couch potato can get up and about and start getting fit through running.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 28 April 2018

Dr Handicap - Blue Disabled Parking Symbol

23 Apr

The Six Dos and Don’ts of Handicap Parking

For most of us, handicap parking might seem inconsequential at best, and mildly irritating at worst. But to the people suffering from a wide variety of physical handicaps, a disabled parking spot can be a lifeline, helping them move freely around their city and getting them where they need to be.

Posted by: Patrick Ryan 23 April 2018

Dr Handicap - knee joint

18 Apr

6 Conditions That Can Cause Joint Pain

For most people, joints are not something that we give much thought to. Your joints are an integral part of your day-to-day life, but unless you have a condition that limits the ability of your joints to do their job, you won’t be aware of how debilitating joint problems can be. There are lots of conditions that can cause joint pain and hamper your mobility.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 18 April 2018

Dr.Handicap - drinking water

13 Apr

5 Ways To Drink More Water

There are so many things to remember when trying to keep yourself healthy. Are you eating enough vegetables? Getting enough exercise? But, there’s one element of health that most people neglect – drinking enough water!

Posted by: Erin Konrad 13 April 2018

Dr.Handicap - yoga pose

8 Apr

The Best Yoga Poses for People with Disabilities

Living with a disability doesn’t mean that you have to forget about fitness. There are ways that you can exercise without pushing yourself too much. One of the best ways to accomplish a healthier lifestyle is to practice yoga.

Posted by: Erin Konrad 8 April 2018