4 Great Methods for Achieving a Positive Mental State

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29 Mar

4 Great Methods for Achieving a Positive Mental State

Focusing on improving your mental health can have a remarkable effect in all corners of your life; it can improve your interpersonal relationships, improve your quality of sleep, provide you with a better sense of self-worth, and help you deal with the pressures of your hectic day-to-day life. And the good news is, it's easy to do! Here are four great methods for achieving a positive mental state.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 29 March 2018

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24 Mar

Five Simple Ways to Improve Heart Health

Everybody knows that the heart is the most important organ in the body. However, a lot of people don't treat it that way; heart disease is an increasingly concerning problem in America, with about 630,000 deaths occurring annually. It's the number one leading cause of death in the U.S., and one that targets men and women pretty equally. So what are some ways to improve heart health?

Posted by: Patrick Ryan 24 March 2018

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19 Mar

How to Drive Safely in a Disability Adapted Car

Many people may think that having a disability is something that will really limit your life. However, the truth is that, if you have the necessary amendments in place, you can live a full and exciting life alongside your disability. People with a wide range of disabilities can have certain adjustments made to their cars to ensure that they can travel just as well as any able-bodied person.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 19 March 2018

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14 Mar

Why Diabetes Is So Dangerous… And How You Can Avoid It

Diabetes is a very dangerous condition. It accounts for 12% of all deaths in the United States. Overall, it is the third most common cause of death in America. 29.1 million Americans have diabetes, with 8.1 million of these people unaware that they have the disease. Millions of people's quality of life is severely degraded by diabetes – so how can you avoid it?

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 14 March 2018