Dr Handicap - wheelchair

9 Jan

Adapting A Home For Disability

One of the biggest changes to be made for disabled people, alongside vehicular changes, is adapting a home for disability. Depending on the type of disability that you have, there are many adjustments that you can make to ensure that you’re as comfortable and independent as possible at home.

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 9 January 2018

Dr Handicap - cardiogram

7 Jan

5 Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure

Millions of people across America suffer from it – but many of us don’t know the best ways to lower high blood pressure. Though there are some medications on the market designed to try help bring those all important numbers down, people naturally don’t want to be pumping themselves full of drugs if lifestyle changes can do the job instead.

Posted by: Eithne Fitzsmons 7 January 2018

Dr Handicap - hand on steering wheel

5 Jan

Driving After Paralysis: Is It Possible?

For the most part, those who are paralyzed are active and happy, living to the best of their ability. They have jobs, families, homes, and even cars that they’re driving after paralysis. So how is this possible?

Posted by: Claire Bradshaw 5 January 2018

Dr Handicap - belly in jeans

3 Jan

4 Health Fads To Avoid

Though particularly prevalent around the new year each year, health fad diets seem to be omnipotent. Everywhere you look there's a new cleanse or detox plan that promises to give you the body of your dreams – just like the last one did. But here are four health fads you should really avoid.

Posted by: Eithne Fitzsmons 3 January 2018

Dr. Handicap - Stomach Measuring Tape

1 Jan

The Five Best Exercises for Losing Stomach Fat

What can be done to tackle obesity in the early stages? It's a very hard condition to get rid of quickly, so prevention is most certainly the best measure. For those concerned about their weight, here are the top five exercises for losing stomach fat.

Posted by: Patrick Ryan 1 January 2018