Dr Handicap - Florida

15 Sep

A Guide To Disabled Parking In Florida

If you are a disabled driver who lives in the sunny southeastern state of Florida, you will certainly want to avail of the world-class disabled parking program that exists in the state. Disabled parking in Florida encompasses state-of-the-art facilities that hugely improve quality of life for disabled drivers.

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 15 September 2019

Dr Handicap - Colorado landscape

10 Sep

A Guide To Disabled Parking In Colorado

Disabled parking in Colorado is well designed and widespread. Disabled drivers are very well catered to at all of the major scenic sites of interest and in every urban settlement in the state. If you are a disabled driver in Colorado who has yet to get a handicap parking permit, now is the time to sort this out! Here’s how to get a disabled parking permit in Colorado.

Posted by: Stephen Gilsenan 10 September 2019