A Guide To Disabled Parking In Louisiana

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Louisiana, situated in the deep south of the United States, is a magical state famous for its unique Cajun-Creole culture. The Bayou State’s largest city, New Orleans, is one of the nation’s most iconic metropolises, renowned the world over as a mecca for music, food, and festivals.

New Orleans’ colonial-era French Quarter, lauded party scene, and of course the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations attract copious visitors from all over the country and the world.

Louisiana has several other cities of note, such as the state capital Baton Rouge, as well as plenty of natural beauty, state parks, and alligator-infested swampland.

With so much to see and do in Louisiana, it is a good thing that the state has a comprehensive and well-run disabled parking program. A disabled parking permit in Louisiana will allow you to travel, work, and explore in the Bayou State in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible.

If you’re a Louisiana resident with a disability, you are probably now wondering how to get a disabled parking permit in Louisiana…

Here is a comprehensive guide to disabled parking in Louisiana.

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What are the Qualifying Conditions for Disabled Parking in Louisiana?

To qualify for a disabled parking permit in Louisiana, an applicant must have one of the following disabilities:

  • They cannot walk two hundred feet without needing to stop and rest
  • They cannot walk without the assistance of another person, or a wheelchair, cane, crutches, Zimmer frame, prosthetic device, or braces
  • They are restricted by lung disease to such an extent that their forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for one second, when measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty mm/hg on room air at rest
  • They need to use a portable oxygen tank
  • They have a heart condition that is classified as Class III or Class IV by the American Heart Association
  • They have a severe arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that restricts mobility.

Which Types of Medical Professionals Can Recommend Disabled Parking in Louisiana?

An applicant for disabled parking in Louisiana will need to consult with a qualified medical professional to verify that they qualify to use disabled parking. The types of medical professionals that can verify an applicant in Louisiana are a licensed physician, a licensed chiropractor, and a registered advanced practice nurse. The consultation can be easily done online.

What are the Different Types of Disabled Parking Permit in Louisiana?

Several types of permits are available for disabled parking in Louisiana. Depending on the type of disability and its duration, a person can get a permanent or temporary placard. Also available are permanent disabled license plates and Disabled Veterans license plates.

How To Get a Disabled Parking Permit in Louisiana

To apply for a Louisiana disabled parking permit, you must consult with a medical professional and then submit an application form filled in by both you and the consulting medical professional. The completed form must be submitted along with a $3.00 fee (for all placards) to the local Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Do You Need to Renew Your Louisiana Handicap Parking Permit?

A Louisiana handicap parking permit needs to be renewed periodically. Temporary plates must be renewed after one year, with new medical professional verification. Permanent placards need to be renewed every four years, but when renewing a permanent placard, no new medical professional verification is necessary.

All permits are renewed by sending the application form and a $3.00 fee to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle.

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How Do You Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Disabled Parking Permit in Louisiana?

Lost, stolen, or damaged disabled permits can be replaced by sending an application form and a $3.00 fee to the local Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

How Do You Use Your Louisiana Disabled Parking Permit?

It is crucial that you use your disabled parking permit correctly. A Louisiana disabled parking placard must be clearly displayed, either hanging from the rearview mirror or sitting on the dashboard. It is not legal to allow your friends or partner to use your disabled parking permit in Louisiana. A disabled permit entitles a person to park in any disabled parking space in the state with no time restriction. Metered, on-street spaces can also be used for free in certain jurisdictions.

Can Out-of-State Disabled Permits Be Used in Louisiana?

Disabled parking permits from all other states are valid in Louisiana. An out-of-state permit will entitle its holder to avail of all of the same disabled parking privileges as a local Louisiana permit holder.

So that is all you need to know about disabled parking in Louisiana. Whether you’re getting back to nature in a beautiful natural park, exploring the music scene in New Orleans, or just taking care of your daily errands, getting a Louisiana disabled parking permit can make your life a lot more hassle-free.